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A very clear piece of Chiapas amber containing the rare and highly sought after juvenile mantis - it is as good as they get.  Now, not only is this a superb piece of amber, we are pricing it to sell.  It is not in the normal thousand to two range, we intend to sell it so someone can give this as a Christmas gift, or birthday or just a special occasion.   Usually you cannot even find something like this to buy, much less at the price that we are offering it.

We are offering this at a Christmas price.  Check the web page and see.

Mantids (or mantis) are characterized by a lengthened thorax (chest) and a head that can turn 180 degrees.  They typically carry their barbed front legs in an attack position. It looks like a praying position, giving them the nick They could very well be called the "preying mantis" because they are fierce and fearless, attacking prey insects to small animals like lizards.


I get a kick when I can offer something like this. Truly large, this is about 4 x 2 x 1 inches, it is just just mammoth piece of amber. The weight is 136 grams - about 1/4 of a pound. And wow - the biggest thing in this monster is a giant leaf. How fun. There is a lot of organic debris scattered throughout. But there is even more, a wasp and a rare mite are even able to be seen. There is a large ant near the middle. This piece would look great on someone's desk. Even better is the story of the two chunks that are 'bitten out' of the giant leaf................. Ya gotta' love this one.

This can be found here (number 26)

In the Dominican Republic and Mexico, the tree that produced the copious amounts of resin that eventually became amber is from the Hymenaea tree, Hymenaea protea.  This amber dates from Oligocene to Miocene, thus it is about 25 million years old.  Please note that complete botanical inclusions are rare in amber.  This is the complete leaf in all it's glory.  Perfectly preserved and large....the leaf is 2.25 inches long, which the entire piece of amber is about 4 x 3 inches.  The amber weights 111 grams (almost a quarter of a pound).  This is a giant piece of Chiapas amber, a real winner in everyone's collection.

This is #31 on this page (really the bottom of the page).

Wieslaw Giertowsk

A picture of the late Wieslaw Giertowsk in Poland and Doug Lundberg.  Mr. Giertowsk is probably one of the most respected amber individuals in the world.

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Current World prices of Raw Amber

Here are the current world market prices for raw amber.  This was taken from the journal called Baltic Jewellery News, October  2018.   Interesting to look at what the wholesale prices are for Baltic amber in Europe.

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Gemologist Finds Insect Trapped in Opal Instead of Amber

On a trip to Indonesia, gemologist Brian Berger purchased an opal that appeared to have an insect entombed inside. Insects trapped in amber are a common-enough sight, but in a slow-forming gemstone like opal?

“Some researchers weren’t sure it was possible,” Berger told Gizmodo. “Now we know it’s possible. Is it likely? Extremely unlikely.”

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Scientists discover an 'alien' insect in amber from 100 million years ago

8th International Conference on Fossil Insects Arthropods and Amber in Santo Domingo, 2019:

Amber Mine in the Dominican Republic

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