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Spiders are are always fun to look at.  Some are small (in fact many are so), but some are large and really 'catch' one's eye.  We have recently updated the spider page with spiders of all types (we even have one on this page that is not a true spider).  Some of them have a webs still in the  amber.  You can see the sticky globs of glue that trap the wary animals.  Some other pieces have flies, beetles, and many other types of small animals.  Great fun to check this page out, some are inexpensive, some are expensive.....but all of them are great to look at.

Mantids: Order Orthoptera. Mantids (or mantis) are characterized by their lengthened thorax (chest) and a head that can turn 180 degrees. These are so rare in amber that they are prized by collectors. This is a beautiful piece of Mexican (Chiapas) amber that contains a juvenile praying mantis. So seldom are they seen - even rarer is a perfect one that is displayed like this magnificent beauty. The amber is about 2 inches x 1.5 x .3 inches. Very clear and has one of the best praying mantises that I have ever seen. The mantis is a bit over .25 inches and fully extended. This is really a special piece.  There is also part of a leaf and a messed up worker ant.  Go to the Chiapas amber page and read about this beautiful and rare piece of amber.  It is number 18 on the page.

Amber Specials: Each week we put up 2 specimens for sale as our "Sale of the Week" items. These items are dramatically discounted - and as normal there is a 100% guarantee of what you purchase! These are considered overstocked items. Sometimes we are not sure of the identification (which can often be to your advantage) and sometimes there are just a few extra of these rare fossils. However it happens, these are priced to sell - YOU WILL NOT EVER FIND A BETTER PRICE. If you think the price is too good to be true, remember that this is the "specials page" and there are only 2 specials per week. If you are still confused as to why they are so inexpensive, bottom line, this page is considered our "lost leader" page.  We have a Dominican amber specials page AND a Baltic amber specials page.  New sets were put up on October 14, 2016.

Interesting Facts About Amber

Some believe that amber has healing powers and the power to ward off evil spirits.

Since amber is lighter than salt water, it will
float in salt water. Fakes will often sink.

Amber is not a mineral, but the hardened resin of certain trees fossilized over long periods (millions of years) of time. The proper classification for organic gems like coral, pearl, and amber is gem material, not gemstone.

News   Flash:

Dominican Republic Halts Amber Extraction (Oct 2016)

Santiago.-  Environment Ministry officials accompanied by military personnel on Thursday halted all extraction of the semiprecious stone amber, to prevent further ecological damage at the Septentrional (northern) range.

The full article can be found here.

New Flower Species

A Rutgers scientist has identified a flower trapped in ancient amber as belonging to a species completely new to science.

Lena Struwe, professor of botany in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, has discovered that two flowers found encased for at least 15 million years belong to none of the known 200 species of the genus Strychnos. Therefore, they represent a newly discovered species, Strychnos electri. Struwe coined the species name in honor of its amber origin, since elektron is the Greek word for amber.

Read more at:

Amber of the Month

We have offered for many years "amber of the month".  This is when each month you are mailed a new identified (usually) species of animal in amber.  Sometimes the amber is large, sometimes it is small, but always the value is there.   For more information on this fabulous deal, go to

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