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This is a nearly complete lizard in Chiapas amber.  Found this year (2018) near Simojovel, in Chiapas Mexico, this is an impressive piece.  A little over an inch in length, you can see the outline of the body, some vertebrae, arm bones, and even some of the head bone structure.  The entire piece of amber is about 2 x .5 x .25 inches.

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The Berothidae are a family of winged insects of the order Neuroptera. They are known commonly as the beaded lacewings.The family was first named by Anton Handlirsch in 1906.

Berothidae is very closely related to the thorny lacewings which are often included in the Berothidae as subfamily "Rhachiberothinae". They are also occasionally considered to be the distinct family Rhachiberothidae or included as a subfamily in the mantidflies.

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I love this piece.  Here is a worker ant that no one in their right minds would bother.  The jaws on this guy are just plain impressive.  This is a trap door ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae:Ponerinae.   Trap door ants have jaws that will close at 145 mpg.  These ants are rarely found in amber, an even rarely found in such good shape - this one is perfect.  There is a nice piece of wood near the head of this defender ant.

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Wieslaw Giertowsk

A picture of the late Wieslaw Giertowsk in Poland and Doug Lundberg.  Mr. Giertowsk is probably one of the most respected amber individuals in the world.

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Current World prices of Raw Amber

Here are the current world market prices for raw amber.  This was taken from the journal called Baltic Jewellery News, March 2018.   Interesting to look at what the wholesale prices are for Baltic amber in Europe.

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Frog Skeleton in Mayanmar Amber

The fourth frog in Burmese amber was just found.  Mayanmar amber is about 99 million years old.

Recently many fine specimens have been published by scientists.

to have found a frog in amber, particularly one with such a fine bone structure is an amazing thing to behold.


Scientists discover an 'alien' insect in amber from 100 million years ago

8th International Conference on Fossil Insects Arthropods and Amber in Santo Domingo, 2019:

Amber Mine in the Dominican Republic

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