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Baltic Amber Specials

This is a page of Fortnightly Specials - Baltic Amber

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December 12, 2018  

Each week week we put up 2 specimens for sale as our "Sale of the Week" items. Actually it is more like a sale every fortnight. These items are dramatically discounted - and as normal there is a 100% guarantee of what you purchase! These are considered overstocked items. Sometimes we are not sure of the identification (which can often be to your advantage) and sometimes there are just a few extra of these rare fossils. However it happens, these are priced to sell - YOU WILL NOT EVER FIND A BETTER PRICE. If you think the price is too good to be true, remember that this is the "specials page" and there are only 2 specials per week. If you are still confused as to why they are so cheap, bottom line, this page is considered our "lost leader" page.

Special 1

Parasitidae is a family of predatory mites in the order Mesostigmata that has worldwide distribution. They are the only family in the superfamily Parasitoidea. Relatively large for mites, their color is often yellowish to dark brown. The family as a whole preys on a wide variety of microarthropods and nematodes, with individual species usually having a narrower range of prey.

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Special 2