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Baltic Amber Specials

This is a page of Fortnightly Specials - Baltic Amber

We are closed from March 20 until March 26.....the earliest we would have new specials up would be the 28th or 29th.

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March 10th, 2017

Each week week we put up 2 specimens for sale as our "Sale of the Week" items. Actually it is more like a sale every fortnight. These items are dramatically discounted - and as normal there is a 100% guarantee of what you purchase! These are considered overstocked items. Sometimes we are not sure of the identification (which can often be to your advantage) and sometimes there are just a few extra of these rare fossils. However it happens, these are priced to sell - YOU WILL NOT EVER FIND A BETTER PRICE. If you think the price is too good to be true, remember that this is the "specials page" and there are only 2 specials per week. If you are still confused as to why they are so cheap, bottom line, this page is considered our "lost leader" page.

Special 1

Small piece, cab in shape.  This has a fly, Nematocera.  The piece is very clear.


Scanned Image!


Special 2


Good piece - this has a beautiful leafhopper, Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, genus Xestocephalus.

Scanned Image!

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