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This is a new item - very unique. You will not find these any other place. The Baltic amber are shaped into PERFECT spheres. When I say perfect, I mean perfect. Please note that while all the other pages have amber from the Dominican Republic, this page has amber from the Baltic area. Bottom line, everything on this page is Baltic amber.

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1. Here is a nice Dipteran floating in a sea of Baltic amber. Very clear , very large and a very good piece - this is 14 mm in size.

Scanned Image!


2. Very spherical piece of amber with a gall midge , Diptera, Ceratopongonidia. Just an impressive piece - 7 mm

Scanned Image!


3. A nice long legged fly, Diptera, Dolichopodidae. The amber is about 11 mm in diameter.

Scanned Image!

4. A biting midge , Diptera, Ceratopongonidia.. Very well shaped piece of amber, this is a clear piece with a perfect Midge. This is just a beauty to behold.

Scanned Image!


5. 9.5 mm sphere that contains a midge, Ceratopogonidae . This guy is very easy to see and nicely priced. Almost looks like there is a seed near the midge (don't think so though)

Scanned Image!


6. This is a good one. There is an ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae, coming out of a haze of white. You can see the head and anterior portions of the body. Very pretty - 8.5 mm diameter.



7. Clear piece containing a snipe fly, Diptera, Rhagionidae - 10 mm in diameter.


8. This is cool - half dozen or so true midges (these are the ones that are often confused with mosquitos), Diptera, Chironomidae. The amber is large, 12 mm in diameter.



9. I am just not sure on this piece. I do know it is 12 mm in diameter and has a good polish. But the insect, well, I will leave that to you.



10. 8 mm diameter, this sphere contains a Chironomodiae (Diptera: Nematocera). Nice clear piece of amber.



11. An unknown Dipteran - fly in a clear 8 mm sphere.


12. Diptera, Brachycera - a fly of some sort, my guess is that is is a small snipe fly, Rhyagionidae. This is 12 mm in diameter.



13. Nice sphere, about 12 mm in diameter. This contains a small crane fly, Diptera, Tipulidae - an unusual specimen.



14. Very nice fungus gnat, Diptera, Nematocera, Mycetophilidae. This is an 8 mm sphere with a well placed gnat.



15. A moderate sized fly Diptera, Nematocera in a female worker ant , Hymenoptera, Formicidae. This is a 9mm sphere.


16. This ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae, is easy to see in the 9.0 mm sphere. In fact there are two of the ants. Nice shape - a clear yellow.



17. This is a beauty, just a gnat, Diptera, Nematocera, but well positioned and "easy to see". This is a 8 mm sphere of amber.



18. A fly, Diptera, Brachycera in this small 7.5mm sphere. Good price on this one. The details on the head region.



19. Diptera, Sciaridae in this 7.5 mm sphere contains a dark winged fungus gnat.


20. An 8 mm perfect sphere. This contains a nice long legged fly, Diptera, Dolichopodidae.



21. A gnat, Diptera in an 8 mm piece of spherical Baltic amber.

Scanned Image!


22. Dark winged fungus gnat, Diptera, Nematocera, Sciaridae. This is a 9 mm piece of amber and very clear.



23. Perfect ant with great details, Hymenoptera, Formicidae. This ant is in a 6 mm sphere.


24. Nice fungus gnat, Diptera, Nematocera, Mycetophilidae in this 7 mm sphere.



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