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Baltic Necklaces & Pendants

Item 1

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

One of our favorites - you will love this (and the price).


Item 2

Baltic Amber Necklace Jewelry

What colors in this large necklace! Impressive, just as good as they get. Also comes with earrings and more! Also comes with earrings (#22).


Item 3

Baltic Amber Necklace Jewelry

A good, small necklace that goes perfectly with everything. Here is a large image.


Item 4

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

The perfect pendant.


Item 5

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

Here is a beauty that can be worn at anytime with any outfit! I love it. Matching earrings (number 13) on another page.


Item 6

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

This is great - the sun or the stars - you name it.


Item 7

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

I'm rather sure we will never come across Amber nuggets this old and in such great shape. Vintage, each piece contains an inclusion. They were polished 50 years ago!


Item 8

Baltic Amber Necklace Jewelry

Wonderful Baltic amber is silver with a black necklace. Classy.

Good piece of jewelry.


Item 9

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

We just ran into a bunch of Baltic amber necklaces that were polished stones with just a loop at the top.  Nothing fancy, but utilitarian in nature - the kind of stuff you would wear every day.  We pass on our savings to you.  When you order, we just reach in and pick out one.


Larger Image


Item 10

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

Beautiful..........130 grams of unpolished Baltic amber chunks.  This is approximately 24 inches of stunning beauty.


Item 11

Baltic Amber Necklace Jewelry

This is a work of art.  It is about 1 inch by .5 inches.  The craftsmanship is really superior on this piece.


Item 12

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

26.2 grams of silver and amber. We love this sachet of amber of amber.


Item 13

Baltic Amber Necklace Jewelry

Very nice pendant at a great price.


Item 14

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

This is a work of art. The modern piece will go great anywhere - it will 'wow' everyone who sees it.


Item 15

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry Fossil Inclusions

Stunning earrings that are about .5 inches in diameter.  Baltic amber, these are a sure win.


Item 16

Baltic Amber Necklace Jewelry

If you are just looking for a perfect amber necklace, this is yours. Great color, perfect shape, this is the best all-around necklace we have ever seen.


Item 17

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

The perfect heart. Baltic amber surrounded by silver. Just a classic winner. That you will have to love.


Item 18

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

The perfect amber necklace. Real Baltic amber in a traditional setting, sure to WOW everyone


Item 19

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

What is not to love with the alternating bands of light and dark  Baltic amber. Beautiful piece.


Item 20

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry  with Fossil Inclusions

Asterisk in amber pendant! Matching earrings, number 6 fill out this set of spherical beauties.


Item 21

Here is a simple pendant with class.  One Baltic amber bead.  It is about 5/8 of an inch in diameter.  This is a nice piece.  We also have just a few of the clear, single amber beads in amber 'yellow'.

As Shown On Left
Clear, Dark Yellow

Item 22

Similar to number 11 above, this is a work of art.  It is about .5 x .5 inches.


Item 23

We only have a few of these crosses. You will like them.


Item 24

Men - here are some of the 'rare' amber cufflinks. We put them here because there is no other spot to put them. One cufflink has a fly, Diptera, Brachycera and the other a spider.


Item 25

Like the one on the page before, we have no where else to put men's cufflinks, so here they are. This one comes in light or amber colored.


Item 26

A wonderful cross outlined and backed in sterling silver. The Baltic amber is a tannish color and very attractive.


Item 27

Simple and elegant. The perfect pendant for any occasion. Beautiful sterling silver around this Baltic amber. These are more free form shape than oval.
Larger View


Item 28

Wow, breathtaking - look at the large image! Hand crafted and just stunning, this is one of our finest without a doubt. The stone is about 2 inches in length. This is the crowning glory for necklaces.


Item 29

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

This is a work of art. The modern piece will go great anywhere - it will 'wow' everyone who sees it


Item 30

Baltic Amber Jewelry with Fossils Inclusions

A white Baltic amber necklace that can be doubled (as in photo) or as a long single.


Item 31

Baltic Amber Earrings Jewelry

Just an impressive pendant made of beautiful Baltic amber. We have a number of these, all very similiar.


Item 32

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

This is a looker! Impressive - large and breath taking. You have to fall in lovewith this when you see. It is about 2.5 x 1.5inches x .25 inches with lots of butterscotch Baltic amber.


Item 33

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

Man this one is cool - reminds me of a melting icicle (albeit, that is not a 'positive' description of the piece.) Silver on the back also - its a beauty.


Item 34

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

Not sure how to describe these - old? new? - but whatever, they are great.


Item 35

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

This looks Egyptian to me (not made in Egypt). Very smashing on the skin. Just the look you need.


Item 36

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

What colors in this large necklace! Impressive, just as good as they get.


Item 37

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

There is something about these pendants. "Z" or "lightning" - they are cool.


Item 38

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

Just a plain impressive piece. This has some of the 'rare' white amber - beautiful design 1.25 x 2 inches.


Item 39

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

Each piece is unique to itself. Hand crafted around a large piece of Baltic amber. This is a piece you are sure to remember. This is about 2.5 inches long


Item 40

Item 41

Baltic Amber Necklaces Jewelry

This pendant is about an inch by just less than an inch - solid gold. If you like cats, this is the best around. Beatuiful workmanship and just a quaility item. Larger View


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