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For those interested in getting more information on amber, we have a listing of some of the better books that discuss amber.


WEITSCHAT, Wolfgang & Wilfried WICHARD:
Atlas of Plants and Animals in Baltic Amber

This is a fabulous book with just loads of pictures - and quite a lot of other information. For the average amber enthusiast, this may be a bit expensive and also not tell you what you need to know. But to someone who wants to identify insects and other animals in amber, wow, this is as good as it gets. Very detailed and just an incredible piece of work, this books runs about $100. You can purchase it here.

ISBN # 3-931516-94-6



Gabriela Gierlowski

Guide to Amber Imitations


What a book. This is the first time I have seen one on amber fakes. A must for the experienced and a bigger must for the novice. This is a small booklet with 32 high glossy pages. Unbelievably worth the $3.75 for it! Here is a page devoted to a survey of this important booklet. Only available at Amberica West.








Rafael Jie Chiang Wu
Secrets of A Lost World Dominican Amber and Its Inclusions

This book is one of the better ones. It has easy text with many pictures. If you are looking for something to get started, then this is your baby. It is privately published and only available at this website. The cost is $42

No ISBN since this is a private issue




Andrew Ross
Amber The Natural Time Capsule

Another very good book on amber for the beginner and advanced enthusiast is a book published in England, The Natural History Museum. It has some nice pictures and a small amount of good text. The strength of this book is the identification of animals in amber. There is an excellent key for the identification of insects in amber. Easy to follow (as long as you know any biology) and nicely laid out. This is a small book, only 72 pages, but well worth the price of about $12.95.

ISBN #0-565-09131-X


David Grimaldi
Amber Window To The past

Here is a great book. Published in 1996, it has both wonderful pictures and good text. It reminds me of a "coffee top" book on amber. This is well done and well worth the cost of $24.95. You can get the paper back version here.

ISBN # 0-8109-1966-4






 George O. Poinar Jr. and Raif Milki
Lebanese Amber

A nice, highly specific paperback book on Lebanese amber. Extremely complete for Lebanese amber, this book was published in 2001. Not very expensive, around $20 and found here!

ISBN# 0-87071-533-X







 George O. Poinar Jr. and Roberta Poinar
The Quest For Life In Amber

A good book, 1994 on possible life in amber and the work that has been done in amber. This is another quality book by the Poinars. It can be found and purchased for about $19.00 here at Amberica West.

ISBN # 0-201-62660-8





George Poinar Jr. & Roberta Poinar
The Amber Forest

A great book on amber. This is loaded with information and has some good pictures. This 1999 published book goes over all types of amber, how it is formed and contains quite a bit of information that is seldom see elsewhere on amber. You can get the paper back version or hard back version of this book at or

ISBN # 0-691-02888-5


Ake Dahlstrom and Leif Brost
The Amber Book

A rather unknown book on Baltic amber. Good information and nice pictures, this 1996 book will fill you in on all the aspects of Baltic amber. This is one of the better ones that are specific for Baltic amber. It is printed by GeoScience Press, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona.

ISBN # 0-945005-23-7


 Patty C. Rice
Amber The Golden Gem of the Ages

Second printing in 1987 and third printing in 2002, this is a very comprehensive book on all type of amber. If you are looking for great information on amber from around the world, this is it. Some of the information in this book is not found anywhere else! It is available from Amberica West. The new edition came out in 2006..........$29.96

ISBN # 0945005296













George O. Poinar Jr.
Life in Amber

Another good book by Poinar. This 1992 book has nice pictures and good text on the history, formation, locations, just about anything you wanted to know about amber. Expensive, about $75 from Barnes and Nobel and (we do not carry this one.)

ISBN # 0-8047-2001-0



Finally, a very unusual booklet on amber - as it is used in medicine (both current and historically). Amber In Therapeutics written by Gabriela Gierlowska does a great job in outlining the uses of amber in medicine all over the world. This small booklet, only 19 pages of high glossy writing and pictures is priced VERY well. There is an entire page devoted to this booklet.