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Colombian Copal Chunks

You will not find anything like this anywhere. These are enormous pieces of Colombian copal that have taken on a strong polish. Each on has something unique in it - something that adds character and beauty beyond belief. These are the pieces that you will want to put up for display. Each is large and each is unique. We ran across these pieces recently and have never seen anything like them. We now offer them to you, as show pieces. There will be many pictures of each so you can see it at many different angles and magnifications. Enjoy!

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How old is Colombian Copal? The age of Colombian (South America) copal still remains an open question. In fact in some papers you can find uncertain "Tertiary" age (see for example the table in Langenheim's review, American Scientist, 78:16-24, 1990), or in other papers also Pliocene-Pleistocene; accurate determinations made by means of 14C revealed that Colombian copal from the region of Santander is in the order of just 200 years old (Clifford et al., Org. Geochemistry, 27:449-464, 1997), practically recent resin. There are others who feel that certain Colombian copals are in the terms of many millions of years.

Most of the Colombian copal that is offered for sale is from the Andes Mountains in South Amberica. It could be up to 16 million years old. Since I have not had it tested for time, I cannot conclusively say the age. If there is something in particular that you are looking for but cannot find it on this page, let us know, we probably have it!

A note for those interesting in large quantities. We have large quantities of Colombia copal for sale. Example prices range from $620 per kilogram to about $1100 (polished with good quality insects.) We can supply lots up to 8 kilograms. Let us know what you want.