amberica west

Amber! Here are seven different amber fossils to be used as wallpaper for the rock hound, paleontologist or entomologist! Some of the files are large, but all are zipped and contain .bmp files. Just click on the above 'button' that says 'Amber Wallpaper'.


Beside the images of amber, we have a few movies of amber mines and such. Each of the movies is fairly large in size and may require extra time to download.

A trip to the mine, 7.5 megs.

Entrance to an amber mine - 11 megs in size.

Inside the mine. This is a 'dark' movie, 10 megs in size.

Negotiations after the mine, 14 megs.

Finally, a FREE SCREEN SAVER (rather large in size because of the quality of the images). The larger version of this screen saver is here (although this particular screen saver is not free).


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