East African Copal

We now have limited quantities of East African Copal from the Zanzibar area. It is light yellow and very clear. Most pieces have fossils in them, gnats, flies, beetles - just a large variety of different animals who had the misfortune to become trapped in the sticky resin. The age of this copal is not know. Reports vary from 50 years to 2 million years. In our opinion, due to the hardness of this particular resin, we would err of the 'older side'. It really is good material. None of this material is polished. That would be your job.

As you can see from the pictures, there are large pieces and there are small pieces. You can purchase smaller pieces from an inch (sometimes smaller) to a few inches in size or you can purchase the large chunks of resin. Just let us know.

I looked at some cut edges and took some pictures of the animals trapped in the resin, here are a few of the pictures (remember that this in NOT polished). Most, but not all of the pieces have animals in them.

One of the more unique things about this copal is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg. We sell it by the gram, about..........$0.99 per gram. Small pieces may be 5 grams, larger pieces may be 100 or more grams. So you can see, you can get a fair amount at a reasonable price.

Final note: the large pieces of copal do not scan well (top of the scanner lets in to much light). All of the pieces are of similar quality - EVEN THOUGH they do not look like it. So do not let the picture of the large pieces dissuade you.


58 grams
7.4 grams
5.6 grams
20.8 grams
53.3 grams
9.3 grams
12.5 grams
18.6 grams
# 8
24.0 grams
40.6 grams
6.0 grams
6.9 grams
12.3 grams
22.5 grams
25.2 grams
16.7 grams
SOLD $16
6.2 grams
15.9 grams
53.2 grams
22.9 grams
23.6 grams
9.7 grams
19.5 grams
5.8 grams



A note for those interesting in large quantities. We have large quantities of East African Copal for sale. We can supply lots up to 8 kilograms. Let us know what you want.




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