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Baltic Mantis



Mantids (or mantis) are characterized by a lengthened chest and a head that can turn 180 degrees. They typically carry their barbed legs in an attack position. It looks like a praying position, giving them the nickname "praying mantis". They could be well called the "preying mantis" because they are fierce and fearless, attacking prey from insects to small animals like lizards.


The female often devours the male after mating; this also occurs between nymphs. Mantids lay eggs in a papier-mache-like cases, which when hardened, protect the eggs from harsh winter and predators. Inside amber, mantids are usually seen in their immature wingless form up to 0.6 inches long. They are very rare and prized by collectors.

This is a very large, juvenile mantis. It is in superb condition, one of the finest I have seen. The mantis is easy to see from any side and is as fine a specimen as they get. It is exciting just to look at this magnificent piece of Baltic amber.


Finally, please take a look at the scanned image:


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