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Dominican Amber

Item 30

An interesting piece of amber.  Light colored and very clear, this beauty has some organic debris scattered throughout it.  In addition, I think there are 3 worker ants, fairly large also in the debris.  A fun piece to look at.

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Item 31

Cab shaped piece with a nymph of a  planthopper, Homoptera.  The eyes are particularly good.   Near the nymph is a strange looking artifact (not real), looks like someone tried to draw a path with a magic marker.  There is also an ant with what looks like an egg case next to it.

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Item 32

Here is one that I am just not sure about.  At first, I thought is was a tangled spider nest, but upon closer examination, I do not think so.  Then I thought about hairs - possible but they have a curliness about them that hairs do not usually.  Possibly plant fibrous material?  I am just not sure.  I do know the piece is good sized and looks beautiful.

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Item 33

This is an unusual piece. It contains roots and a small Bryophyte. Roots are classically found in 'fake' amber (this is NOT fake) so, to find one like this is particularly cool. There are some wasps also.

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Item 34

While some wasps are tough to ID, so are not, this is an ensign wasp, Hymenoptera, Evaniidae - the constriction at the abdomen is a dead giveaway. The larvae of the ensign wasp are parasitic in egg capsules of roaches. The adults are likely to appear in places where cockroaches appear.

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Item 35

Bristletails are rarely found in Dominican amber.  The order Thysanura, is characterized by three long tails and long slender antennae. The body is shrimp-like. Thysanura, in particular, may be the direct ancestor of winged insects. There are also 3 or 4 fungus gnats, Diptera, Mycetophilidae. This is a good piece.

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Item 36

Interesting piece. This has a large long legged fly, Diptera, Dolichopodidae (?), an unknown beetle (not sure about this one), two fungus gnats, Diptera, Mycetophilidae and a moth fly. It has some other stuff also. A lot of the animals were caught at the 'interface' of two layers of resin - easily seen in the photo.

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Item 37


Item 38

Flowers for my lady? Here is a 24 million year old Acacia flower - similar to the one's now-a-days. Rather unusual to see the stamens intertwined with the pistil in the center awaiting fertilization with pollen. This also has an unknown insect off to the side.

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Item 39

Dominican Repulic Amber with Fossils

Hazy piece that has quite a bit inside it.  There is a planthopper , Homoptera, Fulgoridea, with the wings spread - you can even see patterns on the wings that are 20 million years old.   Also there is a thrip, Thysanoptera, a fly, Diptera, a female ant , Hymenoptera, Formicidae and a springtail.  There is a lot of stuff inside this amber.

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Item 40

This is a perfect piece to have made into a pendant. Perfect shape, very clear, great color, great size. It has part of a stick going through one side of it. This also has a small, perfect caddis fly, Tricoptera.

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Item 41

There are two dance flies in this piece of Dominican amber. Very easy to see and under the scope - the eyes.....beautiful. In the family Empididae, Rhamphomyia - just a great piece. Also has a moth fly in it.

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Item 42

Ever wanted the rare isopod? Here is a small piece with a pretty good isopod (woodlouse). Rather rare to see such an animal in amber.

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Item 43

A particularly nice piece of Dominican amber  with a spider and a worker ant.  The spider is visible and the amber is very clear.

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Item 44

This is a beautiful piece of amber. The biggest animal is a wood gnat, Diptera, Anisopodidae, but also there is a spider and a small parasitic wasp. The detail on the wood gnat is unbelievable. Take a look at it's eyes. Finally there is a small gall gnat, Diptera, Cecidomyiidae.

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Item 45

If you like legs, this is it. There are a scad of crane fly legs all over. Probably a mating swarm that became stuck in the sticky resin. There is a lot more, this has a beetle, a small primitive fly Neuroptera, and even part of a larger unknown animal.

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Item 46

A second look is required here. I think this is a ptilodactlid beetle, Coleoptera, Ptylodactylidae. The piece is very busy with numerous air bubbles and another beetle, flat footed ambrosia beetle, Coleoptera, Platypodidae. the amber is large and very interesting.

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Item 47

If you recognize the wings, then you know that this is a mayfly Emphemeridae.  This is a male since the cerci are so  long.  This  specimen with all three cerci intact is very rare.   Mayflies are characterized by protruding eyes.  Hind wings  are small and rounded or very reduced.  Mayfly adults enjoy a life span of no more than two days.  On the transition from nymph to adult stage, they fly from the surface of the water for mating, but do not feed.  They complete their mating process and die after one or two days.  This specimen is perfect.

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Item 48

Not a large piece, but it contains a very nice nymph of a  planthopper, Homoptera, Fulgoridea.  Good details on this animal (good price also).

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Item 49

A rather busy piece. This has lots of wood debris scattered all over. There is a tropical bee, Hymenoptera, a worker ant and a larger winged ant. Because of the 'forest' debris, some of the insects are harder to see.

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Item 50

Here is something different...........this is a sphere of amber that has a perfect ambrosia beetle, Coleoptera, Platypodidae. The sphere is 10 mm in size.

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Item 51

A very large chunk of amber (23 grams).  The amber is clear and very good.  Inside are 2 small spiders (barely visible with the naked eye) along with some gnats.  This is a good piece.

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Item 52

Beautiful piece of amber, clear with great color.  This has a single, small, fungus gnat, nicely placed in the middle.  Great piece.

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Item 53

Fairly large spider that can be difficult at times to see (depending upon the angle). Still this is a good piece at a good price.

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Item 54

Another good sized piece of amber with a nice spider at the bottom.  The shape is good, rather like a thick triangle.  There are a number of small en-hydros (bubbles within bubbles) - containing water that is 24 million years old.  There is also a fly near the amber.  "Waiter, waiter, there is a fly in my amber...."

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