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Dominican Amber

Item 105

I get a kick out of pieces like this. There is a lot here - a tropical stingless bee, Hymenoptera, Meliponini, genus Proplebia. On top of that there is a winded termite, Isoptera and a very special unknown animal (just not sure on this.) This is sure to be an interesting piece of Dominican amber.

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Item 106

This is one cool spider. It is commonly called the oil-can spider. Take a close look at the body and you will see why they are called this. They are not common in Dominican amber (although I would not say they are rare). There is a little confusion in terminology of this genus: it is either Lasaeola or Dipoena (family Theridiidae). The amber is small and thin.

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Item 107

A rather unusual situation with this piece.  It contains a moth fly, Diptera, Psychodidae.  While that is not very unusual, this is a female that is laying eggs.  Often in the throes of difficult situations, females will often lay eggs (assuming they are pregnant).   This is one such unique situation. 

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Item 108

1.75 x 1.5 x .75 inches and about 17.1 grams.  This large cab has an interesting color and pattern on it.  You will enjoy looking at these pictures.  There are two small 'dead' areas on the the cab - which do not detract at all - great price.

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Item 109

Small piece with a nice fly, Diptera, Brachycera. Has what looks like some coprolites and also an unknown Dipteran.

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Item 110

Don't look at this one, if you do, you will fall in love with it. There is a perfect long legged fly, Diptera, Dolichopodidae. It is such a thrill to see such a beautiful animal.

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Item 111

Homoptera, Fulgoroidea - there are 2 planthoppers in this piece of Dominican amber. One planthopper is very small. In fact the small one looks as though there is a mite on one of the back legs (but upon further inspection, it is not a mite)- really cool. Finally there is a large springtail, Collembola (not shown in pictures).

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Item 112

Dominican Amber with Insects

Cab shaped piece of Dominican amber. This has a nice (and visible although small) spider. This also has a small beetle larvae.

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Item 113

This elongated piece contains a single true midge, Diptera, Chironomoidae.  The abdomen is strangely bloated.

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Item 114

There is something about a leaf (or in this case, part of a leaf) that is just plain cool. You can even see what looks like stomata on the leaf.

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Item 115

Unknown beetle (?) is a smallish piece of amber.  Covered with a 'blanket' of haze, I cannot positively ID this guy.  The surface of the amber is crazed and needs some polishing - thus the inexpensive price.

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Item 116

Contains 2 true midges, Diptera, Chironomidae.  One of the midges is stuck inside the amber tube, which is visible at one end. 

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Item 117

In small spider amongst a sea of yellow with ancient air bubbles all around. Nice piece - only a spider here.

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Item 118

There is just something special to see a cockroach in amber. I am not sure I can put my 'foot on it" - but it is really cool. This has a small roach, Orthoptera, Blattidaethat is in perfect shape. Enjoy.

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Item 119

 Large dome shape amber with an unknown beetle, Coleoptera, part of an eaten leaf and a small scaly barklouse, Psocoptera, Lepidopsocidae.

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Item 120

 Ever wanted to give flowers? How about 24 million year old flowers? Here is a beautiful flower from a plant that died 24 million years ago. 

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Item 121

Good sized piece of Dominican amber. This has 3 very small (baby?) spiders and a rove beetle. It is a nice piece showing some successive resin flow and a bunch of 24 million year old air bubbles. 

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Item 122

Small sized, clear and very nice - this has a worker termite, Isoptera,  with several decomposition bubbles inseminating from the body and head.

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Item 123

Larger piece of amber with a single air bubble. The bubble is large and has amber cracks going through it. You do not see large bubbles like this very often.

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Item 124

Here are a bunch of bubbles. This one, the bubbles look like they have been deflated. How that happens, I do not know. Fun effect to see.

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Item 125

Dominican Amber With Insects

Here you go with a beautiful cabthat contains one single air bubble. The bubble is opaque and the other side has some interesting patterns

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Item 126

Dominican Amber With Insects

Guitar pick shape containing a nice planthopper, Homoptera, Cixiidae.  You can see the wings pretty well on this 'guy'.

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Item 127

Single wasp, Hymenoptera near the side of this piece of amber.  Interesting protrusion from the abdomen.  

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Item 128

An unusual beetle, Coleoptera, Scraptiidae(I think). This is the type of beetle found on the forest floor of the amber forest. the amber is good sized and very clear.

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