amberica west

We offer two types of screen savers. Each screen saver shows Dominican Republic amber with inclusions. The first is a free screen saver consisting of about 6 images of insects trapped in amber. The company's web address is on the pages. Feel free to download and share this screensaver!

The second screen saver is about 30 images with no company URL or logo. This screen saver is $6.10. You can download it through the web or pay a slightly more amount ($13.10) and receive it on a CD through the mail service. For us, it is easier if you download, but if you want the CD, don't worry, we will be happy to send it to you.

Here are some of the beautiful images that are found on the large screen saver:

To purchase the screen saver:


You will be notified concerning
how to download the program.
For group licenses, contact sales.


For the CD (This is where we send you the CD):


To download the free screensaver for a 'test-drive' click on the word: SCREENSAVER

These are self extracting programs (working on windows Win 95/98, NT 4.0 and WIN 2000 and XP) that are very easy to set up and follow the necessary instructions.

With either screen saver, you will enjoy the educational value and information that is learned from each of the pictures. These are high quality pictures.