The following page is a list of dealers that sell or trade in amber. Remember that there are many companies that sell amber. The amber is usually (not always though) either Baltic, Mexican or Dominican. Sometimes the dealers just sell fossils in amber, but they usually sell jewelry and carvings. Probably the most common type of amber sold is Baltic and this is often put into jewelry. It is not the intent of this page to rate the sellers, just to list them! If you are a retail seller of amber, you are welcome to e-mail me, Doug Lundberg and I would be happy to put your link on this page and even a banner (see below).


High quality Dominican amber.

Amber Jewellery
Silver & Amber Jewellery
Offers unique Baltic amber jewellery in UK.

Amberica West
Dominican Republic amber with fossils

Amber and Amber Jewelry
Forever Amber
Amber Depot
Zane Goehman's Baltic Amber and Dominican
Dead Bug in Amber Club
Dominican amber with fossils

Natural Creations
Baltic Amber & Jewelry

Amber World
Baltic Amber from Jens von Holt
ISAART - Polish specialty amber
Beautiful Amber Jewelry

Amber Now - A New UK Site
Beautiful site, worth a look

The Amber Gallery
Baltic & Dominican Jewelry & Fossils
Precious Stones/Mystical Objects
Gemstones-minerals/metaphysical, shamanic tools
Nature, Beauty Healing
Baltic Amber Jewelry & Beads
Andzia's Amber Jewelry & Beads

Amber Gifts - new site selling Baltic jewelry.
Looks like a good selection.

Baltic amber with fossils! This site has a
lot of other fossils also.

Amber and Silver Jewellery by Amber Pleasure
Unique Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver Jewellery

Baltic Amber - From Amber - a little bit of everything.
Baltic Amber Jewelry

One of the biggest retailing and
manufacturing companies in Poland.
Murano art glass jewelry, Baltic amber
jewelry, and handmade jewelry from the US and around the world



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