amberica west

Spider With Eggs

Here is a great piece with a small leaf. The leaf is in good shape and entirely there. The amber is flat on one side and dome shape on the other. The leaf is about one half an inch in length. Just with the leaf, this is an impressive specimen. But wait, there is more.

I find this hard to believe, but right next to the leaf is a spider. To make matters even better, the spider is pulling what appears to be an egg case. Now I admit, spiders are not my area of expertise. But this is really an egg case that the spider is pulling. Unbelievable! I would not have believed it if I did not see it under the microscope. I kept on looking back to make sure that what I was seeing was real - and it is. You will enjoy these pictures, if nothing else.

Here is the leaf by itself. Actually you can just see the spider on the middle right of the leaf. It is not easy to see because it is out of focus at this depth.





Taken from the side of the leaf you can just see the spider pulling the egg case. I can imagine that it was trying desperately to pull its offspring through the sticky resin as it died in its valiant effort. That is maternalism at its highest.



You will never see this again in amber. Some of life's moments are just so fleeting that to capture it, well, it just won't happen. I saw a picture a few years ago of a jet passing through the sound barrier. You could see a "cloud" around the front of the jet. It was an impossible picture that someone did manage to get. So it is with this mother spider and her eggs.

On the top of the leaf are some small air bubbles that are dispersed in a random fashion. This adds character to the amber!





Here is a scanned image (large).

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