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Dominican Amber that can be made in Pendants

This is a rather 'different' page.  We have selected a small number of spiders in Dominican amber.  These can be used BY YOU to be made into a pendant for your significant other (or yourself).  Generally what would happen is that you purchase a piece that you like, then take it to a jeweler and have them design (or you) a pendant to put this spider into.   Half the fun is sitting down and designing with the artist a pendant that shows the characteristics that you want.  Almost any jeweler will set this up for you.

A few other mentionables:  we do not do jewelry work.  No one here has that expertise, so do not ask us to do this.  Each and every piece has been selected for clarity and size of the spider.  It is our opinion that every specimen on this page would make a wonderful pendant.  Pay attention to the scanned image size so that you actually chose a piece of amber that is the size that you have in mind.

Future Pendant 1


Very clear with a good sized spider at one end.  This piece is fairly thin and flat - which is what you want.  This would look great in a gold wrap.

The long straight lines near the spider are probably crane fly legs.  The long legs of crane flies often break off when they land in the sticky resin.

Scanned Image!

Spiders amde in pendants - amber
amber pendant spider

Future Pendant 2


Nice sized piece that is really very interesting.  There is a large fly, Diptera, Brachycera along with a medium sized spider near it.  Kind'a like "the spider and the fly".  There must be something you can spin with that as a theme.   The fly: you can see good detail.  On one eye you can see the facets (image below and to the right).

The spider appears to be floating on a ancient bubble (which contains air that is 24 million years old.)  There are a number of other animals in this piece, they are small, but there (midges and other gnats).  There is a true midge, Diptera, Chironomidae, a wasp, Hymenoptera,

Scanned Image!

Spiders amde in pendants - amber

Future Pendant 3


The perfect piece.  The size is good, everything is clear and can be seen - just a superior specimen.  In fact this specimen has 2 spiders, one medium/small and one small.  The largest spider is perfectly placed in the middle (it is what I consider a smallish spider) and it has perfect aspects to its body.  You can see the dried remains  all throughout the animal.  It is very well preserved.  The pictures here should show exactly what I mean.

There is also a female worker ant, Hymenoptera, Formicidae.  This will make an impressive pendant.

Scanned Image!

Spiders amde in pendants - amber

Future Pendant 4


Great size to this chunk of Dominican amber.  Nice spider near the bottom.  In fact this is a male spider as evident from fertilization packages on the front of the animal (you can see the enlargements on the image below on the right).  You can also just see the eyes in a row if you look carefully.

Scanned Image!

Spiders amde in pendants - amber

Future Pendant 5


The shape and size of this piece is rather good.  The spider is easily seen at the lower end of the specimen.  There  is even another, small, spider at the edge of the piece.  The entire piece has a reddish tint to it.   This will make a wonderful pendant.

Finally, there are a number of other gnats and midges scattered all over the piece.  The other animals (not the spider) need a microscope to see well.

Scanned Image!

Spiders amde in pendants - amber

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