You can order 10 various amber specimens with identified animals for

The specimens will be suitable for the students to observe under a microscope and to actually handle. All the specimens will be different and exciting to see (by both the teacher and the student.)

Order 1 set to see if it is as 'good as we say' or try 3 sets of 10 for:

We do ask that you are a school teacher when you order these specimens though!

We also handle purchase orders.

Feel free to inquire at


Postage will cost $5.35 per order, in the United States. I will get your sample to you as soon as possible (usually mailed the same day). U.S. orders go out by Priority Mail , overseas as Air Mail. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Overseas orders are only slightly more. In fact most overseas orders are shipped "Global Priority" at no extra charge to the buyer! For any questions, please contact us at

You can pay 3 ways, either by credit card or by check or school purchase order.



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