Large number of small cabochons

We have found a good number of small cabochons.  The average size is half an inch.  Some are smaller and some are larger.  But ALL have some type of cool insect inside.  Might be an ant, spider, fly or just about anything you can think of (as long as it is small).  The pictures on this page are very representative of what you will get.

This is a very good deal.  Each cab is $4.00.  The only 'catch' is that you will have to order in groups of 10.  The more you buy, the better the price.

When you order, we will not specifically look for any animal or piece.  We will reach in, take the appropriate number of cabs and then send them to you.  We guarantee the description of these pieces and the pictures are fair and just.  You will not be disappointed. All cabs are Dominican amber.


10 Specimens

20 Specimens

30 Specimens

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