We do guarantee delivery on everything we sell.

We must tell you though that we cannot 'control' nor 'push' the US Postal Service to deliver faster. Nor can we contact foreign governments and ask for an item to be searched for. To that extent, once it is mailed, both Amberica West and you, must rely upon national and local postal services for delivery.

Often regular postage overseas (we are in the USA) can take 2 to 6 weeks for delivery.

We have found that Fed Ex, while expensive, is very reliable for service, particularly if you are overseas. If you need it fast, this might be a good option.  You can email us this request and we can determine the cost . We will be happy to email you back, a link in order for you to accomplish this.

Most of the time, our 'one price' shipping of $8.10 covers the normal shipping.  If it does not, we will let you know the amount additional that you will need to pay and how to do that.




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