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There now is a discussion group devoted to the study of amber. The intent of this discussion is public discourse on amber formation, types, general questions, almost anything that relates to amber. Also encouraged on this discussion group will be questions on jewelry making, and web sites about amber. The discussion group is not moderated. This means that all postings will go through without moderation (no one will censor them.)  This is an international group, covering just about any country you can imagine (some of which I have never heard of!) Most people just watch and listen to the discussions that go on. You are encouraged to participate, but certainly do not need to.

This discussion group was formed and is maintained by Doug Lundberg. His e-mail address is All questions about the discussion group should be directed to him.

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Here is a set of FAQ's for the newsgroup.

If you are having problems, please contact Doug Lundberg at

When you are on the discussion group and you would like to participate in a discussion or just post a question, mailto:
(The discussion group's address is Please remember than anything you say when you post to will be read by everyone. Again, if you have a question or general inquiry, address it to Doug:

I hope you enjoy the discussion group!

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