Secrets of A Lost World Dominican Amber and Its Inclusions

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This is a soft backed book on amber by Rafael Jie Chiang Wu. While I feel it is a bit expensive, IT IS GREAT! I am always looking for books with pictures in them. As an amber collector, I want to see other samples! If you have an interest in amber, this is a must have reference. This book has 645 color photographs. The book is 8.5 x 6 inches and 222 pages long.

The naration is straight forward and good. I have even been able to use some of the pictures to help me identify unknown animals. All pictures are clear and well explained. This book is not available on the open market. This is the only spot where you will find this book! It is not found in bookstores or anywhere else. For some reason we seem to be the sole distributor of the book. Here is one sample page:

This is a representative page of pictures. The photographic sections
of the book are divided into:



  • Colors, Bubble, Impressions in Amber
  • Botanical Inclusions
  • Special Fossils
  • Lizards and Geckos
  • Scorpions, Pseudoscorpions, Wind-scorpions, Tailless Whip-scorpions
  • Ticks and Mites: Order Acarina
  • Spiders: Order Araneida
  • Isopods: Order Isopoda
  • Centipedes: Class Chilopoda Millipedes: Class Diplopoda
  • House centipedes: Order Scutigeromorpha. Millipedes: Polyxenidae, Class Diplopoda
  • Eggs. Larvae and Pupae
  • Mayflies: Order Ephemeroptera
  • Grasshoppers, Crickets, Mantids, Cockroaches: Order Orthoptera
  • Termites: Order Isoptera
  • Earwigs: Order Embioptera
  • Webspinners: Order Embioptera
  • Barklice: Order Psocoptera
  • Thrips: Order Thysanoptera
  • True Bugs: Order Hemiptera
  • Planthoppers, Leafhoppers, Cicadas, Aphids, Scale Insects: Order Homoptera
  • Lacewings, Dusty-wings: Order Neuoptera
  • Beetles: Order Coleoptera
  • Twisted-winged Parasites: Order Strepsiptera
  • Scorpionflies: Order Mecoptera
  • Caddisflies: Order Trichoptera
  • Butterflies, Moths: Order Lepidoptera
  • Flies, Midges, Gnats, Mosquitoes: Order Diptera
  • Bees, Wasps, Ants: Order Hymenoptera

I have never seen a book on amber with so many fantastic photographs. You are truly going to love this book. There are also ten chapters on amber with such titles as "How to Take Care of Amber" and "The Colors of Amber" and "The Identification of Amber Inclusions".

As I commented above, the book is expensive (but worth it). The price is $49 plus $8.10 shipping and handling. The books will be mailed "Media Mail" in the US, Air Mail outside the US.  If you are ordering this outside the US - there is an extra charge because of the weight.  We will contact you after your purchase to let you know the additional amount for postage (we charge only actual postal rates). Credit cards are the safest method to use.

One more note.

We are the exclusive seller of this book. It is not available anywhere else. You will not find it at any bookstores or anywhere else in the world.


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