More Pictures of Insects in Amber

Here are some pictures of insects in amber. If you click on the picture, you can see the larger picture rather than the thumbnail picture.

The pictures have all been taken by myself, so you shouldn't see the pictures anywhere else. Feel free to take a look!

This page has quite a few of images, and while they are only thumbnails, it takes a little while to load. Please be patient - it is worth the wait.

As time goes on, I intend to add a lot more pictures here. If you have any that you would like (I would be glad to give you credit) just let me know by sending the picture and a request to place it on this page. Send the information to


ant Here is a picture of an ant that was trapped in
the sticky resin when it flowed from the tree. Interestingly
enough, the ant was carrying a seed, which is visible in
the ant's death grip. That was quite a surprise when I first
glanced under the microscope! The large picture, a jpg
image, is 401KB.
ant This is the same picture as above except it is
a close up of the seed. If anyone can help me identify
what seed this is, I would be forever grateful! The
large picture is 429 KB.
flying ant Looks like a flying ant (or Ichneumonidae) flying through
a cloud. The body is clearly visible, you can even see a
constriction between it is large, 388 KB.
two flowers Two flowers are pictured here. The petals, because of
their thinness, do not preserve well, but the sepals
are easy to see, along with the stamens and ovary.
One flower is on the left and the other
sepals, stamen and ovary This is a close up of the sepals, stamen and ovary on
the left of the picture directly above this one. The large
picture is 439 KB, but well worth the visit!
amber from afar Just a pretty picture of 3 pieces of amber from afar.
millipede Here is a new picture, a Millipede of the order Polydesmida.
You can easily see the many spines covering the body.

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