Dominican Amber

Item 1

We have recently come across a small collection of about 20 Dominican pendants in pure silver.  Each one has a insect inside.  They are nice, good sized and we can offer them to you at a great price.  When you order one, we reach in and send you the one that we pulled out.  I will identify the insect(s) inside it when we send it to you.

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Item 2

Here is one that yo do not see often. There are two lightning bugs, Coleoptera, Lampyridae. You can see the beautiful patterns on their bodies. I must tell you that one section of the amber has been chipped near one of the lightning bugs and this leaves a jagged edge at that spot. The bugs are beautiful though....and the pattern on them is extraordinary. Really a plus for anyone.

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Item 3

Very nice piece of Dominican amber.   Roughly like a small coin.  There is a lot of forest debris in here (cool).   This has a beetle mite, Acarina, Oribatidae, Brachypylina.  Beetle mites typically carry on their backs and legs bits and shreds of a former molt.

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Item 4

I have always like plant parts in amber. Here is the stem from a leaf - and just a beautiful piece. Lots of animals buzzing around inside, a midge, gnat and fly. Great fun to look at.

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Item 5

Nice cab shape with a single, small spider centrally placed in this piece.  Good price.

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Item 6


Item 7

I love this piece. I get a kick out of looking at organic debris and air bubble without a microscope. This has everything. It even has a couple of worker termites, Isoptera to boot. A very fun piece - just think about the 'ancient air' that has been trapped for 24 million years.

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Item 8

Very clear piece with a fat lauxaniid fly, Diptera, Lauxaniidae. There are a couple of midges, Chironomidae. There are a few surface cracks on this piece.

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Item 9

Item 10

Here is a pseudoscorpion. Pseudoscorpions are very small - this being no exception. They are very uncommon in amber and command the highest of prices. This one is at the edge of the small piece of very clear amber, and is complete. It does not show hardly at all on the scan. Since is a pseudoscorpion all by itself on this page - the price is VERY good for this specimen! The amber is a round cab shape.

Scanned Image


Item 11

A small parasitic wasp, Hymenoptera and two really cool looking, collapsed air bubbles. Just think these bubbles contain air from 24 million years ago.

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Item 12

This is an interesting piece. It contains an interesting crane fly.  I am  sure  this is a crane fly, Tipulidae even though some of the body parts are distorted.  There are a few flies, Diptera, Brachycera, with good details about them.  One fly is near a plant part.  This is a fun piece to look at under the  microscope.

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Item 13

Smallish piece that contains a small millipede, family Polyxenidae, a spider and a fungus gnat, Mycetophilidae, with many small air bubbles strewn around. 

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Item 14

Smallish piece of Dominican amber with a jumping spider. Irregular shape.

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Item 15

Inside this amber is a gall midge, Diptera, Cecidomyiidae.  The wings are unusual since they are darkened.  I am assuming that the darkening is not real, but an artifactual in nature.

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Item 16

Smallish, dark piece that contains a tropical stingless bee, Hymenoptera, family Meliponini, genus Proplebea, species, dominicana.

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Item 17

A  perfect piece with a centrally located tropical stingless bee.  Stingless bees  also know as meliponines are closely related to honey bees and bumblebees.  The bee is in the Order Hymenoptera, Family Apidae:Meliponini, Genus Proplebeia and species, dominicana.

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Item 18

A nice planthopper, Homptera, Cixiidae. These feed on plants and cause damage by sucking their juices or cutting leaves for storing their eggs. There is a large springtail, Collembola at the anterior end of the planthopper.

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Item 19

Clear piece that has a gall midge, Diptera, Cecidomyiidae - that is the smaller animal, the larger is probably a fly.  A very small part has chipped of giving an edge and rough appearance.

Scanned Image


Item 20

Nice cricket, Orthoptera and 2 others - an unknown beetle and unknown Dipteran. Nice sized piece of amber, good for someone's collection.

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Item 21

There is a zoo in this piece.  Hard to figure out where to start.  There are a number of flies, Diptera, Brachycera.   There are at least 2 moth flies, Diptera, Psychodidae, some unknown flies, Every time I look at it, I see new animals.

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Item 22

Here you will find a winged termite in all it's glory. There is even another pair of wings next to the unlucky fellow who died 24 million years ago.

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Item 23

Small, elongated cab with a very nice black scavenger fly, Diptera, Scatopsidae.

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Item 24

This piece has 2 sterile female ants. One is curled and the other stretched out. There appears to be some organic debris here possibly from a wood boring beetle. Nice piece.

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Item 25

I love pieces like this. There is a small gnat, nothing big......... but when you look around you can see the remains of a spider web. Very cool.

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Item 26

As you can see from the picture at the left, this has a very nice been larvae.  By the way, there is no way I can ID beetle larvae!  I can ID the gnat near the larvae, it is a fungus gnat, Diptera, Mycetophilidae.  The gnat has some particularly fine details about the eye.

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Item 27

This is a large planthopper, Homoptera. Fulgoroidea.  The amber is very clear and the planthopper shows signs of carbonization.  You cab see where the amber heated up and the carbon in the exoskeleton became darker.  Good price on this one.

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Item 28

Here is a very large piece of amber, 21.6 grams, mostly polished, but two sides are not (makes it look better). There is what looks like a stick going through the dark amber and this also has 3 worker termites scattered in the fossilized resin. Cool piece, good sized.

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Item 29

This is one that reminds me of the 'Stay Puff Marsh Mellow Man".   It has a nice worker termite in it.  In the intestines of termites are many bacteria and protozoans.  When the animal becomes stuck in the resin and dies, the micro biome still lives for a while and emits carbon dioxide - which you can see the resulting bubbles around the animal.  This particular piece even has a moving air bubble which means that there is probably water inside - 20 million year old water.  This is a fun piece.

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Item 30

Nice sized piece of amber.  Inside (and it is the only thing) is a tropical stingless bee, Hymenoptera, Family, Apidae:Meliponini, Genus, Proplebeia, species, dominicana.

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Item 31

There is a single wasp, Hymenoptera.  The head and wings are easily seen and this dominates most of the amber.  On the very edge is something.  At first I thought it was part of a feather, but I do not think so.  It does look like it - and if I am wrong, someone has quite the piece at a basement price.

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