Chiapas Botanicals

This is the fabled Chiapas amber from the Mayan mines in Chiapas, Mexico. Mainly, this page is centered on botanical specimens in Chiapas amber. It is fairly difficult to get a hold of and is highly prized for its impressive color and transparency. You can find reds, blues, greens and of course amber colors. This is real color, not like altered Baltic amber. This is quite a find and not seen often! You can do just about anything you want with this amber. My suggestion is for jewelry - the depth of color is seldom seen in any amber from anywhere else!

By the way, here is an interesting web site devoted to just high quality Chiapas amber (nice way to say expensive amber).

Item 1

It does not happen very often where you get the majority of the leaf - but here it is.  the rest of the amber is clear.  This is a lovely piece, great color and it even has a bunch of insects inside.  There is an unknown along with a partial set of wings.  This is about 1.5 x 1.5 x .5 inches in size.

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Item 2

The amber is almost 3 inches long and the leaf is about 1.5 inches in size.  This is a leaf from the tree that makes the resin which turns into amber.  It is just a beautiful piece, impressive to look at.

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Item 3


Item 4

The size is a large dime sized, very thick.  As you can easily see, this has part of the stem and two leaves emanating from the axis of the stem.  The leaves have 'chew' areas on them (adding to their beauty).  Very nice piece.

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Item 5

Large, flat, elongated coin shaped piece of amber with a LOT of moss inside.  Really cool.  This will provide a lot a of viewing time for you.  There are also some insects inside this gem.

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Item 6

A rather large piece of amber that contains some very long BryophytesThere are 2 poorly preserved winged termites along with ants and single fungus gnat, Mycetophilidae.  It is a good piece.

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Item 7

Quite a piece of amber.  This has a large, visible leaf inside.  Rather cool, you can see places where an insect has 'chomped' part of the leaf.  I love when amber tells a story.  There are a bunch of animals also.  One beautiful is an immature planthopper, Homoptera, Fulgoridea, an unknown and a fly, Nematocera.  You will like this one.

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Item 8

This is a large piece of amber. It weighs about 64 grams and is about 2 X 2 X 1 inch. Inside is a treasure of botanical specimens. You can find many stamens, leaves with visible surface structures and much more. If you like botanical specimens, this one is irresistible. A large piece that you can put on your desk as a sample of Chiapas amber with plant parts. A great discussion starter.

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Item 9

A clear piece of Chiapas amber with a curved leafThere are some other miscellaneous bits of botanical parts, but the leaf is the main piece.  Couple of flies, maybe a thrip and even other flies.

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Item 10

Here is the best of the best.  In the last 30 years I have only seen one specimen that is in this museum category.  This is a large leaf in a large piece of amber.  To give you an idea the leaf is over 3 inches in length.  One of the largest I have seen.  The entire piece is about 4 inches x 2.5 inches x 3/4 inch.  Huge, this is a capstone to anyone's collection, a true museum piece.

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Item 11

The leaf on this beauty is 2 inches long.  That is a very large inclusion in Chiapas amber.  You can see some holes in the leaf where an insect probably chewed away (or something similar).  There is also half a leaf off to the side.  This is a big piece of amber, about 3 inches long.  The kind you can put on your desk as an example.


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Item 12

I get a kick out of Bryophytes.  I like it even better when I can see them without a microscope.  You do not need a microscope to see this beauty.  Impressive piece.

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Item 13

I just do not know what this is.  Could be part of a very large insect - or even an animal.   I am going to wildly guess that this is an internodal segment of a fairly large stemmed plant.  that is a guess.  It is more and .5 inches in length.

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Item 14

Strange piece.  Reminds me of what I think a root might look like - but I doubt it is a root.  In reality, I am not sure what this is.  There is a small mite off to one side (all mites are small).  In addition there are two ants, one very large and one very small.  This is a cool piece - even if I cannot ID the structure.

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Item 15

There are 2 flowers in this one.  It is a 2'fer.  One flower closer to the middle and the other close to the edge.  Darkish amber, but the flowers are still easily seen.

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Item 16

This is from Chiapas, Mexico.  What what a large and beautiful piece of amber. It is about 5 x 2 x .5 inches and weighs 85 grams - this is a large piece of amber.  Oh, and clear - very clear.  Now the biggie .... the is a wonderful leaf at one side of the amber.  How cool.  This giant piece can sit on a desk and be enjoyed by all.   Very rare to be able to see a leaf like this.  Also there are a few gnats and even an immature planthopper.   Finally there is a small tropical stingless bee, Hymenoptera. This is a special piece.

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Item 17

A nice and large piece of clear amber.  Inside is a set of leaflets, partly compressed - just beautiful.  I am not sure why I like this type of leaflet assembly - but it is really sharp.  There is also a stem with some leaflets on it.  Also a few unknowns.  good piece.  There are two planthoppers, one large and one small.

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Item 18

Usually I have a pretty good idea what I am showing.  With this one, I am just not sure.  It is botanical in nature.  It is not a flower, but the only thing I know that this reminds of is some sphagnum moss.  Please note that I am not saying it is this, but it the closest I can think of.....

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Item 19

An awesome compound leaf in a big piece of Chiapas amber.  It is about 2 x 1.3 x .3 inches and 8.2 grams in weight.  So easily seen, this will be a highlight of any collection.

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Item 20

The amber is clear with a beautiful 'amber' color to the piece.  Inside is a single beautiful flower that has opened.  You can see the stamens on this flower.  I should be able to ID the flower from the anther, but I just cannot.

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Item 21

A very small and delicate set of leaves from an unknown plant.  It is a beautiful piece when you pick this up and look at it.

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Item 22

Wow - big piece with 2 very large leaves.  A leaf is not really uncommon, but a leaf like this is VERY uncommon.  The piece is so large that the top of the scanner does not close enough and thus lets in ambient light, causing the scan to look poor.  I've got to tell you that this is one heck of a piece of amber, just beautiful and so clear and easy to see.

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Item 23

Item 24

An irregular shaped piece of amber.  This has a unique barbed branch.  It is a clear piece.

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Item 25

Large - and everything you see as 'dark' is plant material - flowers?    At first I thought they were flowers, but looking carefully, I am not sure, moss?  Just not sure, but I am sure this is a great piece.

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Item 27

Squarish piece of Chiapas amber.  This has a "bunch" of moss near the bottom of the piece.  Fascinating to look at under the microscope - but easily seen without one.  This is a nice piece.

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Item 28


Item 29

Just a beautiful leaf.  Almost 7/8 of an inch in size, this is a just a beauty.  Good price on this one.

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