14 LED Black LIght

We are bringing you the newest style in black lights, the long lasting, bright, 14 LED UV light.











  • BRIGHT! Fluoresces at distances over 20 feet in darkness
  • Unbreakable Super Bright LED bulb
  • Toggle on-off switch for continuous use.
  • Sturdy!

Light Description :

Aluminum 14 UV LED Flashlight
Material: Color Dark Aluminum
Light Time: > 15 Hours
Bulb Type: 14 x 5mm UV LED bulb
Battery Type: 3x 1.5V AAA Battery (included battery carriage)
Product Size: About 5" (length) x 1" (diameter)
Net Weight: 3.52 oz.
Water-resistant high-strength case
They use three replaceable "AAA" size long-life batteries
Comes in a wonderful tin box (3 x 6 inches) for great storage



Perfect for:

  • Checking ultraviolet inks in currency and ID's
  • Check credit cards- Discover Cards have "NOVUS", MasterCard have "MC", and Visa has an eagle in UV ink
  • Activation of fluorescent inks/dyes used as anti-counterfeiting measures
  • Checking hand stamps at clubs
  • Examining artwork and glasswork for hidden repairs
  • Small UV source will fit inside and behind objects
  • Scan a crime scene for foreign materials
  • Locating damaged/cracked glassware
  • Scorpion Illumination, Scorpion hunting or avoidance
  • Fluorescing diamonds- some will glow in the dark.
  • Fluorescing dyes used to check leaks.



We've got to tell you that this is probably the best black light we have ever seen.  And this is the only place you can get them.

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