Fluorescent Black Light

Ever wanted to know if your amber is real or fake? A black light is one of the easiest ways to help this identification! Real amber has a yellow to blue glow, fake plastic has no luminescence.

This is a 6" handheld black light fixture.. Works with 4 AA batteries which are not included. Checking hand stamps, finding pet stains, checking for bacteria, applying black light sensitive cosmetics, searching for antique glass, and our personal favorite... hunting for scorpions at night in the desert (eek!) are just a few of the uses we've heard about.

If you are looking for a high quality black light (other than the utilitarian one above), then this is your spot. Here is a black light that will survive the roughest  earthquake.

So often you see something under the black light and then want to see what it looks like under normal light - well, we have solved that problem with a small flashlight at one end. With a simple flick of the thumb, you switch from black light to normal flashlight and then you can just as easily switch back. This is one of the nicest features we have seen in a long while. You will love this feature.

Great price on this VERY handy item...................normally $19.65, we now sell them for $9.95! This is a remarkable light - study and dependable.


Actually there are many uses besides identifying fake Vs real amber. Here are some of them:

  • Many scorpion species show up in UV light. Take your light to a desert and find scorpions!
  • Cat urine shows up in UV light. Ever wonder if your cat is urinating behind the chairs?
  • Paper Products: Most paper products--like post cards, books, signs, photos papers, etc.--made before the late 1930s-WW2 era rarely fluoresces. Paper products made since 1950, however generally fluoresces brightly due to large amounts of chemical bleaches and dyes.
  • In works of art, modern paint will fluoresce or glow under a black light, older paints will not. Thus, pictures that have been "touched up" with modern paint will glow.
  • Repairs or hairline cracks may show and become more apparent under backlight.
  • Art Glass: Lalique before 1945 fluoresces yellow; after 1945, it does not. Genuine old Burmese fluoresces bright yellow green, new reproductions do not.
  • Porcelain: Hard paste porcelain will fluoresce a deep blue or purple color. Soft paste will fluoresce white.
  • Interesting set of pictures of plants under UV light.
6 Inch Fluorescent
Black Light:

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