Poland, The Story of Amber

Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz

This publication describes and illustrates the final products of finished amber. It was not an easy task considering the great number of amber craftsmen and artists in Gdansk
alone. The author points out some trends in the former and present
amber craft. For many years she has been advocating the use of natural
amber, unchanged by heat treatment. Therefore, readers will not see
here any ornaments made of pressed amber, except for one photo, showing
the smallest beads in the world. Neither will you find products from
improved amber, even though the latter has been accepted by the International
Amber Association as equal to natural amber.

This book is in both Polish and English. Each page shows both languages
- very interesting and very unique. This is exclusively offered by
Amberica West - no one else in North America offers this beautiful book.

The author have also acquaints the readers with the origin and history
of amber, describes organic inclusions in amber, its properties and
deposits, as well as to list fossil resins other than Baltic amber.

MUZA, Year of edition: 2006, Binding: Hardcover, Format: 21x29 cm,
Language: Polski & English, Number of pages: 119, ISBN: 8373197109,


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