Arthropods in Baltic Amber

By Jens-Willielin Janzen

This is a hardcover book with 167 pages. There are 72 pages of high quality color photographs. The book is 9 x 8 x .5 inches, the shipping weight is 1.4 pounds. By the way, this is one of the best books about insects in amber on the market. You can actually identify insects using this book. Great pictures and great descriptions.

Here is only a small part of the index:

Keys and cladograms
Classes of Arthropods
Orders of Arachnida
Orders of Crustacea
Subclasses of Myriapods
Orders of Insects
and more

Characteristics of the higher arthropod taxa in Baltic Amber

and on (there are many more)

The strength of the book is that it gives almost an instantaneous ID of the more common insect orders in Baltic Amber. Well laid out, easy to read with many pictures to accompany each description, this book easily falls into the category of one of the best books on Baltic Amber.

Here are some pages of the book, including some of the high quality color pages.

This is published in Germany (it is in English) and shipped to us at Amberica West. It is an expensive book. This book is excellent and one of the finest reference books on Baltic Amber aroundThey just do not come any better.

We just checked at and they do carry the book, used, at $310.00 (really).


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