Amber Window to the Past

Wow, what a book, this is a large book (coffee table size) that goes over some great information on amber and has some of the best photo's I've ever seen - all 215 pages. It is an absolute must for anyone interested in amber. It is readable by all, from the novice to the expert, it has something for everyone. By far, this is one of our favorites. Here is a short review from the Library Journal:

This beautifully illustrated book will be popular among naturalists and artists alike. Grimaldi, chair of the American Museum of Natural History's Department of Entomology, has skillfully combined the natural history of amber with coverage of its uses throughout history in art and sculpture. He discusses the properties of various types of amber, its most common localities, the types of life it typically preserves, and examples of past forgeries. Grimaldi's discussion of objects made of amber, from pipe stems to wall murals, range from the Mesolithic era to the 19th century and include all parts of the world. Among the book's greatest strengths are the copious and outstanding photographs and illustrations of specimens and objets d'art with accompanying descriptive notes. A wide-ranging treatise that will appeal to everyone from lay readers to specialists; highly recommended. (Jeanne Davidson, Oregon State Univ. Lib., Corvallis)




Here is the Table of Contents:

  • Origins and Properties
  • Deposits of the World
  • Frozen in the Act
  • Processed Amber, Imitations and Forgeries
  • Amber In Art
  • Mesolithic Period to the Bronze Age
  • Amber among the Ancients
  • Medieval and Renaissance Amber
  • Seventeenth - Nineteenth Century European Amber
  • The Amber Room
  • Asian Ambers
  • Further Reading and Credits

This soft covered book is


The book is shipped "Media Rate" through the USPS.

What a gift this would make for anyone.


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