Dominican Spiders

Item 2

A lovely cab that has a small spider near center left.

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Item 3

If this does not catch your eye, nothing will.  You may recognize this as a tailless whip scorpion.  The whip scorpion is one of the rarest of all finds. Tail-less whip scorpions or amblypigids are very efficient predators. They remain hidden under leaves, bark and other debris for most of the day. They come out at night to feed. Their chelicerae are modified into strong, spine-armored grasping organs that the hapless arthropods would find nearly inescapable. Their front pair of legs, in contrast, are long and slender, obviously modified for sensory functions. Lacking any type of tail appendage, these formidable creatures are not frequently encountered. The females carry their eggs in a sac attached to the undersurface of the abdomen by a few silken threads.

Now here is the kicker on this,  we paid a good price on this and now offer the equivalent good price to you.  By the way, we do understand that this is not a spider........

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Item 4

Looks like a stick going through the amber. Also there is a spider, fungus gnat, Mycetophilidae, and a scattering of coprolites. Fun piece. There are structures that look like hair, but are too short (in my opinion) to be such.

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Item 5

A very large chunk of amber (23 grams).  The amber is clear and very good.  Inside are 2 small spiders (barely visible with the naked eye) along with some gnats.  This is a good piece.

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Item 6

This is a nice sized piece of amber, cab shaped.  It is rather a case of the spider and the fly.  There is a spider and not far away is a long legged fly, Diptera, Brachycera, Dolichopodidae.

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Item 7

Item 8

Two spiders in this large chunk of amber.  One spider is in the dead center (once pictured at the left) and the other is off center.  The off center is the interesting spider.  I should know the family of this spider, but cannot recall it it.  Unusual, with large pedipalps................really cool.`

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Item 9

Large piece of amber.  This has a medium sized spider near the center of the amber.  Interesting to note, that when the light is right, you can actually see some of the spider web across the piece, cool. The size is about 2.3 x 1.5 x .5 inches.

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Item 10

This is one cool spider. It is commonly called the oil-can spider. Take a close look at the body and you will see why they are called this. They are not common in Dominican amber (although I would not say they are rare). There is a little confusion in terminology of this genus: it is either Lasaeola or Dipoena (family Theridiidae). The amber is small and thin.

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ery clear with a good sized spider at one end.  This piece is fairly thin and flat - which is what you want.  This would look great in a gold wrap.

The long straight lines near the spider are probably crane fly legs.  The long legs of crane flies often break off when they land in the sticky resin.

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Item 11

A very large cab.  It is about 1.25 x 1 x .3 inches.  Very clear with a single beautiful  male spider near the center at the top of the cab.  A fine specimen for anyone's collection.  Quality stuff.

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Item 12

A male jumping spider, Araneida, Salticidae off to the side.  There is  Dipteran, Nematocera and what looks like a "flat rock".

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Item 13

This piece has a great shape to it.  You could easily make this into a pendant. The piece is large.  Near the center is small to medium sized spider.  Very nice amber and very clear.  By the way, there is also a fly near the spider, Diptera, Brachycera.

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Item 14

In small spider amongst a sea of yellow with ancient air bubbles all around. Nice piece - only a spider here.

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Item 15

Item 16

This is a beautiful cab.  Big, large and clear.  The spider is centrally located, it is small.  It also has a small black scavenger fly, Diptera, Scatopsidae at one end.  Very attractive piece.

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Item 17

Nice elongated cab with a centrally placed male spider.   The cabochon is clear and the spider is easy to see.

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Item 18

Big piece with a lot inside.  It has a visible spider and a bunch of other animals like a barklouse, Psocoptera, Caeciliidae, even an immature planthopper.  This will keep you busy for a  while.

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Item 19

Good sized piece of Dominican amber. This has 3 very small (baby?) spiders and a rove beetle. It is a nice piece showing some successive resin flow and a bunch of 24 million year old air bubbles.

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Item 20

A nice piece of Dominican amber with a male spider off to the side.  Good piece.

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Item 21

Great spider located centrally in this cab shaped piece of Dominican amber.  Not only a great spider, but a beautiful fly (spider & the fly....), Brachycera.  There are also some other animals in this piece, a gall gnat, Cecidomyiidae, a true midge, Diptera, Chironomidae, and more.

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Item 22

Nice cab shape with a single, small spider centrally placed in this piece.  Good price.

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Item 23

There is a lot here. Almost like a zoo. There is a small male spider that looks like it is chasing a fly, Diptera, Brachycera. Also, a thrip, Thysanoptera, a punky, Ceratopogonidae, 1 large planthopper with wings spread, 2 true midges, Chironomidae, an unusual female worker ant, an immature planthopper and a fungus gnat, Diptera, Mycetophilidae (I think). I suspect there is more, but I give up.

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Item 24


Item 25

Circular cab with a central spider.  A rather busy interior.  Great price.

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Item 26

Great for someone's collection who wants a spider but does not want to spend a lot.  This is a nice cab, the spider is small and does require magnification - but it is a good piece.

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Item 27

This clear piece of amber shows the traditional amber flow lines from successive resin flows. It has one spider.

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Item 28

Smallish piece of Dominican amber with a jumping spider. Irregular shape.

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Item 29

This is a beauty. You can see the layers of each resin flow in this piece. There is 1 spider that got caught in one of the many layers of resin flows.

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Item 30

Spider on the edge, along with many, many legs from a bunch of crane flies, Tipulidae.  There is also a sap beetle, Coleoptera, Nitidulidae,  some gnats, a caddis fly, 2 moth flys, and 2 flat footed beetles, Coleoptera, Platypodidae.  In fact there are two spiders here.

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Item 31

Cab shape with a centrally located spider. This is the perfect piece for a collection since the spider is visible, the amber is clear and the shape is good.

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Item 32

Spider in Dominican Amber

A lovely small cab with a perfect spider.  The details are good, it is just that you may need a magnifier to see it properly.

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Item 33

Large chunk of amber.  This one is loaded with animals.  The spider is large and found at the top. There is a worker termite, rather transparent, a fly, a gall gnat, Diptera, Cecidomyiidae, a small, but interesting weevil.  The weevil appears to have a mite on the ventral side (very unusual).   There is a twisted leaf and even some other unknowns.

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Item 34

Elongated cab  shape (sort of) amber with organic debris and a few unidentified smaller animals. There is a nice spider here also.


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