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Dragonflies and damselflies are undoubtedly among the rarest insects in amber and have only been reported to date from Baltic, Mexican and Dominican amber.

The number of dragonflies can be counted on one hand. One of the rarest and most sought after animals in amber there is!  This, as you know a dragonfly is in Odonata. Only a handful of these rare animals have been found in amber.  Even rarer is a complete specimen (none of these are 100% complete.)   You will never see one like this for sale anywhere else in the world.

Bottom line, we are offering a COLLECTION of dragonflies.  Possibly the largest collection in existence.  And certainly you will never see anything like this anywhere else - other than here.


  1. A nearly complete specimen - number 1 on https://www.ambericawest.com/better/   By itself this is $2,850
  2. The second is a complete specimen at this page (number7), $1,350.
  3. The third is number 7 on this page.  By itself, $1,799.

All together, all five specimens (Chiapas ambers) are $$5,729.  If you are still reading, you know that dragonflies are the rarest and most sought after animals to a collector.  This is a once in a life-time offer, enjoy. If you buy all three together, the price is $3,990.

Complete Dargonfly Collection:

d1g (Small)

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