Dominican Green Amber

Item 1

This is a BIG chunk of amber.  Good green with a hint of blue.  This is a very large piece and is clear throughout.


Item 2

This is a fairly good sized piece, 30.5 grams. It is a beautiful green (although the photos do not show this) The amber is fairly clear and good for just about anything you want it for.


Item 8

A great piece almost transparent, being the lightest of green. It is like looking into a crystal clear lake. It is a beautiful piece of amber that you can do just about anything with. It weighs 113 grams and is about 4 x 3 x 1 inches.


Item 9

14.2 grams of green. The piece is not exactly cab shaped, but close. It is fairly clear inside and has an interesting olive green to it.


Item 13

What a piece this is! Very clear throughout, flat on both sides and not polished around it - you will need to see the pictures. This has what I would term a wispy greenish blue. The green color is very light. You can see right though this beauty - just great and large, 26 grams.


Item 21

62.3 grams of interesting green amber. This is polished on one side and is a great piece of amber. This reminds me of looking into a green sea of water at Yellowstone National Park, wow. This is just a cool piece.


Item 22

Impressive, this is a flattish piece that has a large edge and part of the top polished. Very nice green, this is a show piece. It weighs ton - 167.9 grams. This will round out anyone's collection of amber.


Item 24

A beautiful polished deep green stone. It is a nice one. All I can think when I see this is "what a chunk of green". It weighs in at 63 grams, but is priced very well


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