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We have a collection of 325, large pieces of Dominican amber - ALL with fossil insects inside. These are large chunks of amber, all polished and many have multiple fossils inside. This is a great group to purchase for re-sale. If you are a store owner, then you will have the stock to allow buyers to go through and select what they want. These will sell for between $40 and $100 per piece (some a little bit more). If you are a collector, then this is your "instant" collection. You can put it beakers or display boxes - there is a lot of amber in this offering. If you are a collector, then you will have some great pieces to keep or trade for other precious specimens .

Here is the breakdown: If you want the entire collection you can have each piece for $13 per piece.  Or you can purchase as few as 100 and pay only $19 per piece.

We will reach in, take a handful, count out the pieces and send you what you ordered. There will be no "selection", what you get is really what you get. This is probably the best deal in amber anywhere. Please note that these are large pieces, not small. The very smallest is 1.5 inches and most are much larger than that. If you were to purchase this amber by the gram, you would be paying more for it than what we are offering now.

The ability of a store owner to "reach back" and present a large collection of fossilized amber pieces to a buyer is important. This is your opportunity to instantly and cheaply, have the necessary stock to make those important sales. Just to be able to show hundreds of piece of Dominican amber like this will impress anyones who sees it. This is a showcase stopper.

100 Piece Large Collection


325 Piece Collection


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