Blatic Mini Beads

This is a new item (very much like the mini Baltic beads). Now we also have a small quantity of mini cabs. They are all different sizes, shapes and are all small. But they are really neat looking.


Amber Cabs


Click on the image above to get a greater (cool image), detailed image. Since we sell amber by the gram, in this case the cabs are only $5 per gram, we felt that it would be nice if you could see what 1 gram of beads might look like:

amber cabs

Please understand that for each gram that you order, the above picture is an approximation. That is: you may get a few more, you may get a few just depends upon the sizes that were taken.
The bottom line, this is a great deal, you cannot buy rough Baltic amber for less. Every piece is polished.

5 Grams
10 Grams
20 Grams
40 Grams

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