Dominican Amber

Amber  Chunks  With  No  Insect  Inclusions

More frequently amber is discovered without insect inclusions. Sometimes large masses of amber is found. Below are a number of pieces of Dominican amber that have been polished. These are some of the larger and more impressive 'amber chunks'. Large pieces such as these are VERY infrequently found. The resin formation and deposition necessary for this type of piece does not happen very often.

Item 1

27.7 grams of good Dominican amber. About 2.5 x 1.5 x 1 inches.


Item 2

If you are looking for a chunk, then look no farther, 1.3 pounds (578 grams) of pure Dominican amber. This is a huge piece - and it looks nice. You can use this to polish or it is heavy enough to use as a paper weight.


Item 3

Dominican Repulic Amber with Fossils

197.6 grams of amber. Rather large, this is almost a half pound on amber (that is a lot). Lots of possibilities with this one.


Item 4


Item 5

Here is a chunk that has a lot of potential. It is rather clear and weighs 39 grams. This is about 2.5 inches long.


Item 6


Item 7

198.6 grams of amber. This is a large piece and as I look at it, feel that the interior may be fractured. So I am discounting this greatly to $1 per gram.


Item 8

61 grams piece, slightly gold in color. Rather clear piece that is about 2.5 x 2 x .75 inches - big piece.


Item 9


329.7 grams to this giant. This one I also feel is fractured on the inside and thus will discount this to $1 per gram (that is a heck of a deal.)


Item 10

27.2 grams, unknown color with unpolished edges. This will be fun.


Item 11

101.1 grams. Interesting color to this one, black to blue - a particularly nice piece.


Item 12

84.4 grams - like the one above, this is a dark color. Good piece.


Item 13

60.1 grams to this beauty. I think the color is dark, not sure.


Item 14

Dominican Republic Amber Ambar with Fossils

34 grams of beautiful amber. Very clear inside and just a lovely piece.


Item 15

Item 16

28.4 grams of good amber. You will not go wrong with this one.


Item 17

50.0 grams to this one. Looks like a good piece.


Item 18


30.1 grams of beautiful amber. Nice shape, this will be good. Interesting exterior color on the surface, looks like gold (it isn't)


Item 19

Item 20

15,2 grams to this beautiful piece. It has unusual wavy insides.


Item 21


Item 23

Item 24


24.  10.5 grams of beauty.


Item 25

Dominican Republic Amber Ambar with Fossils

13.7 grams of beautiful amber. Very clear inside and just a lovely piece.


Item 26

Item 28

176.4 grams to this one. Very fine piece, with about 1/2 showing blue color. Magnificent comes to mind when I describe this. This is one heck of a piece.