High Quality Color Pictures for Sale

(All of which are suitable for framing.)

This is an unusual page. We have a number of very high quality (300 dpi and larger) pictures of animals in amber. I have known several individuals that have been looking for pictures that they could frame or even make into a poster.

What we offer you here is a picture of your choice and size of the following images (we have more, feel free to inquire.) They can be sized to just anyone's desire. To give you an idea of the cost, an 11x 14 of any one of these animals is just $68. For the most part, you can just let us know what size
you want and we will give you the price. All the images we have are high quality images suitable for framing.

I can easily see one of these pictures in a shadow box, matted, about 14 x 18 inches
and hanging in someone's den. Or in a golden wood frame to be given away as a gift to an entomologist or paleontologist. The possibilities are unlimited. These images are extremely high quality and not available anywhere else.

See some of these pictures on our new Amber Poster
Finally, we developed these 4 pictures and put them into frames (the image size is 11 inches x 14 inches) . They are all for sale. The frames are not expensive ones (that is not $100, but rather $25). If there are any that you see that you would like, the actual frame and image together are for sale at $80 plus actual postage. Just contact us for details. We just wanted to see what they would look like properly framed.













Again, when you use the button below, you are ordering a single 11x 14 color image of the one of the animals below (you will tell us which one in the comments box as you check out.)

1. Here is a mite in the family Caeculidae, Order Araneida. This mite came from the La
Toca mine in the Dominican Republic. This is a view from the ventral side.

2. Leaf from the tree that made the resin that turned into amber (Hymenaea.)





3. The rare male mosquito, Culicidae. Males are non-biting - it is the females one must watch for.....






4. Flat bark beetle, Coleoptera, Cucujidae.







5. This is a true bug, Leptopodidae.







6. A Polyxenidae millipede - very rare.



When you go through the check out, just make sure that you let us know which one you want! There is about a 2 week 'turn around' time on these items before they are mailed out to you.

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