Baltic Broaches

Item 1

Baltic Amber Jewelry with Fossils Inclusions

Oneof the most impressive pieces I have EVER seen. Take a close look at the craftmanship - supurb. This is just one heck of a piece.


Item 2

Talk about unique - this is sharp. One of a kind, you will only find it here!


Item 3

Music is life!  Show your true feelings.


Item 4

Finally, something for the guys!!! This is a great tie holder - if yours is into insects or science in general, this will be a discussion piece! This  is an ant.


Item 5

The music symbol of all music symbols. Beautifully done with half a sphere of Baltic amber at the bottom.


Item 6

Just a beautiful butterfly, about 1.5 x 1.5 inches in size.


Item 7

About 3.5 x 3 inches - this large butterfly is magnificent. It will be the crowning glory for anyone's collection.


Item 8

Hands down, the cutiest broach I have ever seen - afraid of mice? No more, this is the one.


Item 9

A beautiful lizard. Reminds me of the ones that scurry around the US, SW. This has beautiful artwork.


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