The Kauri Gumdiggers

By Sir Alfred Reed

This is a softcover book with 192 pages. The book is 8 x 6 inches and loaded with history. This is the third publishing of The Kauri Gumdiggers, by the Bush Press. There are 15 chapters with 3 appendixes. This is about as good as it gets for a written history of gum digging.

Here is only a small part of the index:

The First Few Chapters:

Diversity and Early Uses
The Plundered Tree
A Look at the Gumfields
Tools and Equipment
Housing and Clothing
The Gumdigger at Work

and much more....


This is published in New Zealand. It is a delightful book and very informative. This is a very difficult book to get a hold of. You will be lucky to find it for sale anywhere (but of course here). This book is shipped "media mail".



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