Dominican Amber Small Collections

We have a small number of Dominican amber collections. Each of the collections has about 5 to 26 pieces in it. They are all good sized and all contain small insects. (Each piece does have an insect in it.)  If you click on the picture image, you will get a larger picture of each collection.

These collections (of which we have about 20) are not good if you want huge and easily visible insects. What you see are the actual pieces you will receive. These are medium pieces and the insects are proportionally sized. Perfect for a class set so kids could go exploring. Perfect to give away to a group. Good to have in a drawer and hand to someone who wants to just have fun. While there are many uses for these, this page is focused more on the teacher who wants some nice, but inexpensive specimens of amber from the Dominican Republic. You will not be able to clone a dinosaur, but your imagination might be able to. The insects are not identified.

You can click on each picture and bring up a very large jpg - which you can look at each piece more closely.

Item 1

Collection #1


Item 2

Collection 2


Item 3

Collection 3


Item 4

Collection 4


Item 5

Collection 5


Item 6

Collection 6


Item 7

Collection 7


Item 8

Collection 8:


There are 156 of these pieces in this photograph.  You can have them for $6 each (that is a wholesale price because of the size) - each piece has an insect inside.  If you ever wanted an instant collection without paying a lot, here it is.  156 pieces x $6 = $936 for the entire collection.


Item 9

Collection 9


Item 10

Collection 10


Item 11

Collection 11


Item 12

Collection 12


Item 13

Collection 13


Item 14

Collection 14


Item 15

Collection 15


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