From the Mines of the
Dominican Reppublic

Larimar is really blue pectolite. Pectolite is a volcanic rock that is formed as lava cooled in columns in tubular chimneys. Along with pectolite you will often find basalts and andesites. Pectolite itself is an acid silicate hydrate of sodium and calcium. While pectolite is found in many places such as the United States, England, Canada, Austria and a few other areas, blue pectolite is only found in the Dominican Republic. Specifically it is found in the province of Barahona which is in the southwest portion of the Dominican Republic. It is the blue pectolite that is called Larimar.


Larimar is dug in deep mines straight down for 20 feet or so and then sideways to the larimar veins. It is from these igneous chimneys that the beautiful stone is found. For this reason, it is particularly dangerous work and subject to cave ins and flooding. Getting breathable air down to the bottom of the mine is a difficult task and has taken lives of miners.

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This one is a bracelet


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