Dominican Copal

There is a big difference between copal and amber. Bottom line copal resin that has not polymerised as much as regular amber and thus is slightly softer. This copal also has some other characteristics that distinguish it from amber.

Dominican copal is generally lighter colored. It is softer and the animals inside are slightly different. Some of the copal will soften in acetone, but much of the copal does not soften in alcohol as other copals often do. I am not familiar with the age of Dominican copal and can only state that it is younger than Dominican amber.

I do find that the preservation of the animals is slightly different than amber. I see a lot more air bubbles in copal. Many of the air bubbles can surround the animal. The color on the insects is often more pronounced and the color of the resin is slightly lighter than amber, it does not usually have that deep color that regular amber does.

We are the only web site in the world to sell Dominican copal with insects inside. If you do not have any of this in your collection, it is worth having some, just to be able to claim that you have Dominican copal (rather rare). So enjoy the page below, you will not see anything like this again.

By the way, we do sell bulk Dominican copal also - take a look near the bottom of the page.

Item 1

Lovely piece, good sized with a lot inside. This has a nice midge, Chironomidae, a large fly, Diptera, Brachycera, moth fly and a set of termite wings (wings are a bit of a guess).

Scanned Image!


Item 2

Nice sized piece, with "I don't know" inside.  There is a tangle of legs - could be anything.   Also a small wasp, Hymenoptera.  Good piece, good price.

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Item 3

Clear piece with a fly trying to fly out of the copal.  Great eyes on this one.

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Item 4

Item 5

Very clear piece of copal that has a fairy fly and a small wasp. There are a number of interesting looking ancient air bubbles.

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Item 7


Item 8

Good piece with what looks like a bud - very nice. There are two flies, one large and one small.

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Item 9

Large piece, clear with good color.  An unknown animal inside along with a few sets of wings (termites?) also what looks like a thrip, and even a few others.

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Item 10

This  has a small spider.  There are also some legs or plant tissues that are in the copal.

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Item 12

This has a beautiful, small, Braconid wasp, Hymenoptera, Braconidae.

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Item 13


Item 14

Item 15

Beautiful cab shape, clear with good color.  This has a single, small fly inside.

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Item 16

Flat, coin shaped piece with a single parasitic wasp, Hymenoptera.

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