Quality Unpolished Dominican Amber with Fossils

Now here is an unusual offer. I picked these up in the Dominican Republic. They are individual stones that have NOT been polished. The miner, a trustworthy soul (really), promised me that every single one of the pieces that I bought had a 'fossil' inside. He showed me the discard pile which was many times as large that did not have any fossils. He said "I will guarantee every piece here has fossil in it. If it doesn't, you bring back and I give money back." I looked, and many did have small fossils, but I found it very difficult to figure out what they were without the pieces being polished. What fun though - who knows what you will end up with.

So this is what I offer to you, the same guarantee he gave me. If you are not happy after polishing your piece because you cannot find any animals, you may return your specimen for a full refund! No questions asked, no hassles, no problem. This material has NOT been sorted nor has it been combed over to check to see if it has a rare animal.

Price? We sell the amber by the gram. A typical good sized piece that is 2 x 1 x 1.5 inches (kind of what I think of when you say 'rock') weighs 14.3 grams. Many are larger and many smaller. Some are the same size except they are thinner (and thus less weight). This quality amber sells for $7 per gram. So the rock described above that weighs 14 grams would cost $98.

You do not get to pick your piece. I will reach into the back and what comes up close to your weight. Remember that no one has ID'ed the insect so you may be getting something very valuable (many folks will!) Some pieces are bigger, some are smaller. This reminds me of the summer fairs where you often take "pot luck" when the scoop comes down.

$7.00 / gram

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