Baltic Bracelets

Item 1

This is beautiful. There is an adjustable ring, pendant and bracelet. Each piece has a beautiful piece of Baltic amber inside the art work. This is quite the set.


Item 2

A very attractive set of earrings, bracelet and necklace. Just has that elegant look to it.


Item 3

Wow, this one you've got to see to believe. It has the bracelet, earrings, and a small pendant. It is interesting - there is what I would call a "twang" on modern coupled with authenticity of the old. Nice grouping.


Item 4

One of my favorites. The bracelet looks strange in the picture because each piece has a small curve and thus it does not lay straight. This is a sure winner - anywhere, it is a beautiful set. It looks like little knots around the silver.


Item 5

Baltic Jewelry with Fossils

Nice, old style with a flare of modern. All three parts are here, the bracelet, earrings and the necklace. This just looks great.

SOLD out

Item 6

Good sized silver and amber. Classic Victorian style, really a nice set of jewelry.


Item 7

Baltic Amber Jewelry with Fossils Inclusions

Here is one that will go with any age! Young or mature this is a sure winner. The amber has beautiful colors to it.


Item 8

Classy, this round set is just plain impressive. This will be a favorite of everyone. The amber and silver is a bit larger than most of the others on this page.


Item 9

Want to wear something all the time, yet want it 'classy' - here is - just the best.


Item 10

Victorian set that will go with anything you wear. Very nice, will draw the ohhs and ahhs from all.


Item 11

Rather like greek columns holding the amber up. This is a show stopper.


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