Baltic Bracelets

All Bracelets are about 7 inches

Item 1

Item 2

A sure winner. This beauty will go with anything. Here is a larger picture of this piece. This has a great price on it.


Item 3

Dominican Repulic Amber with Fossils Inclusions

There is something about this piece that makes it a stunner.

Comes in earrings and bracelet also. Buy all three (earrings are clip-ons)










Item 4

Dominican Repulic Amber with Fossils Inclusions

As impressive as they get. This has the bracelet and pendant (number 16). You can buy each one separately or both.
This has both the modern and the old to it - should go with just about anything. The body of the pendant is about 1 inch. This particular bracelet is probably the finest quality and looks it, that we carry.


Item 5

What colors in the amber! Multi colored bracelet that is sure to catch everyone's eye.


Item 6

Reminds me of a Victorian bracelet. Wonderful shape and design with beautiful art work.


Item 7

Not sure how to describe these - old? new? - but whatever, they are great.


Item 8

This piece has particularly beautiful silver work. Reminds me of the
peace images from the 60's. This will be a hit. Take a look at the large


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