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This is the fabled Chiapas amber from the Mayan mines in Chiapas, Mexico. It is fairly difficult to get a hold of and is highly prized for its impressive color and transparency. You can find reds, blues, greens and of course amber colors. This is real color, not like altered Baltic amber. This is quite a find and not seen often! You can do just about anything you want with this amber. My suggestion is for jewelry - the depth of color is seldom seen in any amber from anywhere else!


Item 1

Very nice Chiapas pendant that has a large, well defined planthopper, Order, Homoptera, Family, Cixiidae.  The planthopper has very good details and there is even a nice female worker ant that can be seen above the wings of the planthopper.   Off to the side and not as easily see are 2 other unknown insects.  The necklace (handmade) reminds me of a spiral portion of DNA.

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Item 2

This is a beautiful necklace.   It extends to 24 inches in size, but is adjustable to almost any length.  Just a great piece of Chiapas amber with a perfect centered bee.  This is a tropical stingless bee, Hymenoptera,  family, Apidae:Meliponini, genus, Proplebeia, species dominicana.  Note the large, flattened tibia of the hind leg.  These were presumably used to collect pollen as in modern bees, but they probably collected resin from the amber tree, which accounts for their higher frequency as fossil inclusions in Dominican and Mexican amber.  There are also four small amber beads in the necklace itself.  There is a layer of air bubbles, may of which have 20 million year air bubbles in water.

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Item 3

A real good pendant.   Longish, about 2.5 inches, this pendant of Chiapas amber is a beauty.  Artistically designed and wound with silver, this will look good on just about anyone.  There are definitely some cool 20 million year old air bubbles in this piece.  (Comes with the black necklace.)

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Item 4

How unusual!  A guitar that has been carved out of Chiapas amber and made into a pendant.  Fun, unique and beautifully done.

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Item 5

This is an interesting offer.  We just picked up about 68 strands of Mexican amber to be used as jewelry.  There are as shown in the photos. As you can tell from the photos, they do need the clasp applied, but for re-selling, you cannot beat this deal.  We can sell them one at a time,  10, 20, 30 or all 68.  If you want quantities (10 or more), give me a email and we might be able to cut a deal depending upon how may you want.  In small quantities, they are $6.50 each.

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All 68 for $340 ($5.00 each)

Item 6

A little different, this is a carving of Mexican (Chiapas) amber.  This is a cougar that has successfully gone on a hunt and is now 'enjoying' his/her daily hunting.  A wonderful piece that shows great artistry in the carving.  The leopard is on a slate backing. It is about 3.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches.


Item 7

One of the nicest pendants I've seen. This is large with organic swirls swimming in the amber. The art work in this piece is impressive. This is a treasure that will be yours forever.

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Item 8

This is a beautiful carving of Chiapas amber as a tropical bird.  About 3.5 inches in size, this carving will warm anyone's heart.   Perfectly done, there are no errors anywhere on the carving.

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Item 9

If you want something special, this might be it.  A necklace and earrings made out of Chiapas amber and blue beads.  Attractive, unusual and affordable.  The necklace is about 24 inches.

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Item 10

A pendant with a spider.  The spider itself is about 1/4 inch in size. the pendant is about 1 inch x 1/2 inch x 1/4 inch.  Scattered throughout the piece is what looks like forest debris - makes it look really interesting and fun to see.

The piece is made of 925 silver and the heavy band goes around the back side of the piece.

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Item 11

We do not offer rings very often because of unknown sizes.  I do not know this size either - don't let that stop you since this contains a  spider.  Fun piece, great price and just a cool one.  The spider is not huge (smallish).

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Item 12

A very nice pendant.  This is Chiapas amber that contains a hard to see wasp.  The amber itself is very nice.  If you have wanted a pendant but not willing to pay the exorbitant cost of one, then this is for you.

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Item 13

I've got to admit that there are no animals inside this pendant.  There are some botanical relics though - some stellate oak hairs.  This is just an impressive pendant at a good price.

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Item 14

Just a beautiful heart.  Large about 1.3 x 1.5 inches and a bit over 1/4 thick.  Made of 925 silver (pure, does not tarnish).  Even contains some parasitic wasps, an immature planthopper and a bunch of gnats - all of which are small.  Just a great of amber.

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Item 15

Mayflies are VERY rare, Ephemeroptera, Baetidae  Their lifespan is so short (often less than 24 hours) that they do not have time to get stuck in resin.  On the transition from nymph to adult stage, they fly from the surface of the water for mating, but do not feed.  they complete their mating process and then die.  These are rare and command a very high price.  There is one nice mayfly that has a transparent body.  Not far away is a caddis fly, Trichoptera.

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Item 16

Chiapas Amber

This is a good one, a beautiful rosary made from sterling silver and Mexican amber.  When I laid it out and measured the total length, it is 18 inches.

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Item 17

A rose by any other name.  This rose pendant is carved from red amber with a gold attachment.  It is about 1.1 inches x 1 inch x 0.24 inches in size.  This is just a wonderful piece.


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Item 18

We have 8 beautiful cravings of Chiapas amber.  While they are all different sizes, generally they are all about 2 inches x 1 to 1.45 inches in size.  These were carved by a miner's brother.

Each one has a hole drilled in to the top, so these would make perfect pendants for any one.

We are hoping to sell these as a lot.  If you must, we can sell one individually, but all 8 are really quite a deal.  Bottom line we will sell any 1 at $50 each or all 8 for $240.


Item 19

#1: An immature cicada, Homoptera, Cicadellidae.


Item 20

#2: Inside this bracelet is a winged termite, Isoptera.e.

Item 21

Chiapas Amber
Chiapas Amber
#3: This has a caddis fly, Trichoptera and also a strange ant off the side.


Item 22

Chiapas Amber
Chiapas Amber
Chiapas Amber
#4: Looks like a caddis fly, Trichoptera.


Item 23

A rather special piece of amber.  This defines the concept of a 'chunk' of amber.  It is almost 7 x 4 x 3 inches (that is big) and weighs a whopping 1,250 grams (2 and 3/4 pounds).  Large heavy, beautiful............but wait, there is more.  Look carefully at the images of this piece.  There are fossil remains all around it.   These are Brachiopod imprints.  around the majority of the amber.  You just do not see this very often.  A strong confirmation of the role of sea water and amber.  There are shells outside the piece; as though the amber was covered by shells; all that you see on the piece are shells not dirt, regularly amber is covered by something  called "cascajo" (dust, clay) there are parts that you actually  something as seashells (a bivalve). This is the most unique thing we have seen in a long time; we just wonder what this would look like as a display piece in a store?

Kaegen Lau suggested that "Looks like Ostrea sp. fossils on the exterior, and a partial barnacle remnant as well."  I agree.


Item 24

About 18 inches in total length this beautiful red Chiapas amber necklace will look beautiful anywhere.  It does come with the matching earrings.  This is a magnificent set of jewelry.

Scanned Image


Item 25


I do not think I have ever seen anything so cool  in my life.  This is an imprint of a leaf that fell on the resin before it became hard.  To me, it looks like a elm leaf - but I suppose it is not.  It is about 33 grams and 2 x 1.5 x .75 inches in size.  There is something special about this one.



Item 26


This is a ring, size 9.5 that contains a pseudoscorpion -  absolutely perfect for a man's ring. Pure 925 silver and well made.  You will like this one.


Item 27

About 2.5  x 1 x 1 inches, this is a  unique pendant.   There is a beautiful carving of an adult winged termite on the front and on the back is the remnants of an adult winged termite.  This is cool.


Item 28

Psyllidae, the jumping plant lice or psyllids, are a family of small plant-feeding insects that tend to be very host-specific, i.e. each plant-louse species only feeds on one plant species (monophagous) or feeds on a few closely.  Nicely detailed jumping plant louse and some interesting air bubbles near the bottom.

Scanned Image


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