Kauri Gum and the Gumdiggers (Softcover)

by Dr. Bruce Hayward

This is a softcover book that only has 48 pages. The size is 7 x 9.5 inches. But what pages they are! This pictorial book takes you through Kauri gum, the collection, the people and their life styles - as no other book does. It is superb. Mostly pictures with full text explanations of each picture and some background discussions as well. As you can see, each page is fun and easy to read. You will be exposed to pictures of gum diggers and the environments that you have never seen before.


This is one of those books that are just plain fun. We present here a few of the pages so you can get the flavor of this book.

The book is expensive, in my opinion. Particularly considering that are heavy. Also, while it is available in New Zealand, you will have a difficult time finding it and having it shipped and when you do, the price is still the same, so just enjoy the book.

Old photos with accompanying text showing all the Kauri gum industry in New Zealand.

What is kauri gum and where was it found?
Maori uses of kauri gum.
The diggers and how they lived.
How the gum was dug.
Bush bleeding.
Washing, seiving, scraping.
Buying and selling.
Sunday on the gumfields.

Lots of old photos of people.

Map of Northland and Coromandel showing the locations of important gumfields.

48pp; b/w photos; maps; pictorial s/covers, stapled.

A wonderful record of days long gone.


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