Poster on Baltic Amber

Insects In Baltic Amber

Amber Fisher on a Baltic Coast

This is a poster that is put out by the International Amber Association. Founded in 2012 The International Amber Association associates manufacturers and merchants from the amber industry, artists who create amber works of art and the collectors of natural specimens and historical amber artifacts. The Association also includes researchers from various scientific fields who deal with amber-related issues. Currently The IAA has over 200 members from 24 countries.

This is a lovely poster. The poster is printed on heavy card stock. Perfect for framing. Larger image of the amber poster. The poster is 16 x 23 inches in size. It is the poster that is for sale, not the frame.


Posters are mailed, air mail (1st class) through the
U.S. Postal Service in a sturdy round tube. If this is
an overseas order, there will be an additional charge
for shipping.  We will let you know.

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