Sumatran Amber With Leaf Imprint

This is a giant (almost 10 pounds) piece of amber from Sumatra, Indonesia.  It is magnificent.  With Sumatran amber, fossils are seldom found.  That is normally because the amber is not clear like Dominican or Baltic or Mexican.  You cannot see into it to check for fossils.  But this piece is different, there is a very large leaf impression on the top surface of this piece.  The leaf impression is about 4 inches long.  In fact, there is another leaf impression that goes into the amber just off to the petiole of the big leaf.  This is an amazing piece of amber.  So large, so rare with the leaf impression - the highlight of anyone's collection.


This was found in an open mine pit coal areas in Tanjung Belit, a village located in Jujuhan, Subdistrict, Bungo Regency , Jambi Province , Indonesia. The amber was obtained at a depth of 80 meters.

To give you a 'feel' for this piece, the total weight is about 4,400 grams (9.7 pounds).  We are selling this at an amazing  price of about 34 cents (USD) per gram.  Large pieces of Baltic and Dominican often sell for about $6 or $7 per gram.

Looking at the image on the left, this almost looks to good to be true.  It is real and is exactly as it looks!


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