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Rough Amber (Unpolished)

Amberica West is offering a few grades of rough Dominican amber. Gentle reminder that Dominican amber is considered to be some of the clearest and finest amber that is available on the market. Generally, Dominican amber has some of the best color and clarity of any of the ambers. It is considered fairly hard (for amber - remember amber is soft) and easy to work with.

Prices are in grams. There are 454 grams in a pound. But remember that amber is light. A gram may NOT be more than you think. In other words, 10 grams is not a lot!

We have not searched the amber for insects (honestly). You just never know what may show up! Finally, you may realize that these prices are rather inexpensive - they are. No reason to gouge people! The pictures were taken by grabbing into each grouping and taking a picture. So what you see is representative of what you get.

I know that everyone does not want the exact grams that are below. The shopping cart is not an easy thing to configure for this type of purchase. So when you want some other amount in grams, just let us know by email and we will sent you a link so that you can purchase it by credit card, yourself. You will notice that there are 5 groups A through E. They are NOT in order of least to most expensive.

All of the amber below is from the Dominican Republic and is about 25 or 26 million years old. Here is a rather good page of larger rough pieces with fossils.


Group A: Pieces averaging from .25 inches to .6 inch in size (although many are just a bit larger.) This would be good material to fill up a jar or graduated cylinder - not expensive yet cool.

$1.50 per gram
$15 Ten grams
$45 Thirty grams
$30 Twenty grams
$60 Forty grams


Group B: Thumb sized pieces, ranging from .5 inches to several inches in size. The picture does show this well.

This is classic Dominican amber, with all it's beauty in color and durability. Good material to make into anything you want. While we can fill any order you want, the four below are more common purchases. This material runs $5 per gram. With very large quantities, we can reduce the price, a bit.

$50 Ten grams
$150 Thirty grams
$100 Twenty grams
$200 Forty grams


Group C: Interesting group. We received a bunch of Dominican amber that has color. Some has light green to olive green and yellows and browns - just a wonderful assortment. The pieces have varying sizes, some small, most large (1 to 3 inches.) The color is not usually deep, but it is there. This is an interesting bunch of ambers. No color is guaranteed - whatever is picked out is what you get. Usually a portion of the rock is polished, with the rest 'natural'. The price is unbeatable, this is very good amber.

$7.50 per gram
$75 Ten grams
$225 Thirty grams
$150 Twenty grams
$300 Forty grams


Group D: And finally here is a bunch of very small amber bits. As you can see the sizes from the image below, this is material that can fill a jar or stuff you can just have fun with. Priced to sell, this will be a ball. We have a limited quantity of this material.

$1.00 per gram
$10 Ten grams
$27 Thirty grams
$18 Twenty grams
$33 Forty grams


Now here is an unusual offer. I picked these up in the Dominican Republic. They are individual stones that have NOT been polished. The miner, a trustworthy soul (really), promised me that every single one of the pieces that I bought had a 'fossil' inside. He showed me the discard pile which was many times as large that did not have any fossils. He said "I will guarantee every piece here has fossil in it. If it doesn't, you bring back and I give money back." I looked, and many did have small fossils, but I found it very difficult to figure out what they were without the pieces being polished. What fun though - who knows what you will end up with.

Price? We sell the amber by the gram. A typical good sized piece that is 2 x 1 x 1.5 inches (kind of what I think of when you say 'rock') weighs 14.3 grams. Many are larger and many smaller. Some are the same size except they are thinner (and thus less weight). This quality amber sells for $7 per gram. So the rock described above that weighs 14 grams would cost $98.

$7.00 / gram

Postage for amber will usually cost $6.20 (USD Priority Mail in the USA) or 1st class mail anywhere in the world. There may be exceptions to this. We will get your sample to you as soon as possible (usually mailed the same day or at worst, the next day). U.S. orders go out by Priority Mail, overseas as Air Mail. Books are normally mailed "Media Mail", unless they are light, in which case they are mailed first class. Overseas books are air mail unless the weight is prohibitive, in which case you will have the option of surface (ship) or paying a bit extra for air mail. All prices are in U.S. dollars. If you are overseas and want something other than normal air mail - contact us when you make the purchase. For any questions, please contact us at

Our emails are sent immediately, so if you don't receive it, it is likely caught in a spam filter. You will receive another email when your order ships which will contain the shipping information.

You can pay 3 ways, either by credit card (located on each page as the 'buy now' button), a personal check, or purchase order.

Finally, if you feel more comfortable, feel free to call us at 719-258-9319 (this is in the United States). Our fax is 719-258-9602, if you would like to fax your request or purchase order.

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