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Here are some testimonials offered by individuals who have purchased from us recently:

Package received. Thank you for good packaging, prompt delivery, and a nice amber specimen. Until next time, David

Thank you. I want to say that I have been very pleased with the specimens which I bought from you. Each one photographs beautifully. I feel that my money was well spent. Beatrice

Thank you! Just wanted to tell you the piece is absolutely beautiful. It's officially tied with my other favorite, a big fat Dominican spider clutching an egg sac. You have a great shop set up. Thanks, Ryan

i would not usually email about receiving just one inclusion, but this one really takes the cake. (i'm talking about number 41 on page 2 of Baltic amber, caddis fly)
the details of the wings, the eyes, the body, and just the entire caddis fly in general, are the best i have ever seen. the piece is a reasonable size with excellent clarity and the certificate included well details where and how old the piece is from. I paid a lot for this inclusion but i certainly got a lot back!  
Expect more amber orders in the future. -Harrison

well, I've bought a few items from you already and may i say, for a while i was indecisive as to whether i should buy off your site, but when i did, all i can say is that it was a very friendly experience and i was not once worried about whether i was being conned or not. i used to shop for amber on eBay (yes, i hear you cringe) but now 90% of my amber needs are taken care of by your wonderful website. the scanned images don't look nearly as good as the actual item you receive so i'm always amazed when i open my package. the shipping time is on my top 3 list (considering i live in new zealand and packages can take a long time to get here) and the range of inclusions on your website is just spectacular. i used to blow money on amber a lot... was never satisfied because i never saved up enough. but seeing the amazing inclusions on your site, at very reasonable prices, has motivated me to save for long periods of time just to get just one of the amazing specimens you offer. i like how each specimen comes with a certificate with the order and family and common name, this has even helped me learn quite a few of the scientific names of insects/insect groups which i never knew in scientific tense before. and the fridge magnets go well with my magnetic wall :)  you can definitely expect more amber orders from me in the future as i was just amazed at "why hadn't i used this website sooner?" truly, a collector's best friend, your website is.

feel free to share this on your website, i want other people to know just how amazing your service is!

Thank you for the quick turn-a-round. The piece is just as impressive as the images. I brought it to our local jewelry store to have it mounted as a pendent and they were all amazed with the piece of amber. You have sold me a great conversation piece. Thanks again!

Hello, I got my Baltic amber yesterday that I ordered from you.  It is so cool!  I had no idea one could buy amber included with insects until I saw it on JTV.  I did order a piece from them, and it is much smaller than the one I got from you, despite both pieces costing nearly the same amount.  I won't make that mistake again, as this will not be my only purchase from you.  I was so impressed by your including a photo of my insect, and the card breaking down its Family, Order, and Genus.
So thank you for a classy presentation of my purchase, you guys rock. :)

I purchased a piece of amber with a spider, air bubbles & some organic debris inside it as a Valentine's gift for my boyfriend. He had told me that ever since seeing 'Jurassic Park', he had wanted to own a piece of amber with an insect. On the big day, he was stunned by the gift, and amazed. Thanks so much for helping me to make a longed for dream a reality. And your website & customer service is fabulous! My son now wants a piece as well, and I will be sure to buy from your company again!

AHHHH No problem Doug. I want to tell you I have used other amber dealers online. Your company has been the best customer service so far and the amber is selling well! I will take 4. I will be back for more soon!

I have received "Blue Amber" from you on Tuesday, this week.
I am surprised at those quality.
It is beautifully quality.
Thank you very much.

Your "Blue Amber" is equipped with all the elements which I need.
I am traditional technology of Japan and polish these.
Probably such "Blue Amber" is my technology, and will be again born in the "Blue Amber" of a summit level in the world.

I went to the Dominican Republic many times.
But it was impossible to buy high-quality "Blue Amber" this beautifully.
I promise to order your blue amber again.


Absolutely fantastic service!! I give you a 10, three thumbs up, and 5 stars! The replacement switch was in my mailbox on Monday. You have my enthusiastic endorsement. If you decide to run for president, you have my vote too.

Hi Doug,
I already received my shipment, my amber jewelry looks beautiful!!! Thank you so much for great product and fast shipment!!


I have well received yesterday my two buyed very nice specimens : Mayflied DR (specimen 10, p. 1) and the Chiapas dark green (No 32). THANKS VERY MUCH for this quick and safe sending !!!
The Chiapas specimen effectively show a very nice "green flash" on one side as revealed by "natural" light of a concentrated beam of halogen light (medical examination pen-light, a right "natural" daylight reference). The beam light travels the piece in green and get out in sprinkling (brilliant) red on the finger ! A very funny and great curiosity that I have never seen before... A very nice piece, indeed !
The Ephemoptera (DR) is a very amazing also, I found... It seems to have somewhat burns in the resin : a kind of mumy fixed by time... its end appears as a moment just before it might disappear by heat or other... Just an instant, the seconds before its could leave the scenic flow...

I thank you once again for your nice service !


The amber arrived with no problems, thank you! The green amber is really captivating and beautiful. After polishing the rough amber piece, I found a nice bit of a stem and 5 ants inside ( I am just guessing). I don't know how many customers go for the "pot luck " specials but I certainly enjoy them!
You'll be seeing more orders from me in the future.


Just wanted to say I got the piece yesterday. Its better than the scans show. And the specimen is a Thrichopteran (caddisfly), not a true fly. Its small size made it a real challenge. I'm still trying to get it to Genus level.
You'll be seeing more orders from me in the future.


You guys are the best! I've loved every piece of amber I've ordered from you
and my collection is growing. I've turned a few pieces into jewelry and I
try to get you new customers whenever someone comments on them. I think
I've managed to convince my husband that the traditional 25th anniversary material is amber!

Thank you so much. I love your products. I hope to be able to order even more merchandise as the year progresses.
It is a pleasure to do business with your company.

I just wanted to thank you for the package that
arrived safely yesterday - the items are beautiful,
the larimar stones are really a dream!
I am very glad I discovered your web page and put a
link to it on my blog immediately - hope you don´t
mind :-)))...
Thank you once again,

My amber arrived today and I must tell you it was not even close to the scanned picture I saw on line. IT WAS 100 TIMES NICER. The scanned picture did not do justice to this beautiful piece. I had intended to make a pendent for my self but I just can't find the heart to do anything with this piece but look at it. I did put a coat of turtle wax on it and the amber color latterly exploded before my eyes it is so clear and I love looking at the spider trapped with in. Please fell free to publish part or all of my e-mail to you as I will surely endorse your site and will be a frequent customer you can be assured.

I found your website back in october and sent a link to my son. I told him i would love to get one of your pendants for Christmas. I was very pleased when i opened a present and there was my beautiful pendant. Its has a gnat and a beetle in it and its lovely. I absolutely love it.
It will be an heirloom in our family.
Until you actually see the pendant up close you dont fully understand how magical and mysterious it is.
Thank you so much for this gift from the earth.
Sara - Kansas City, Missouri

On October 20, 2006 I made the mistake of ordering an insect from another web site I still haven't received it yet. Today is November 15, 2006. It is supposed to be delivered today, nearly a month after I ordered it. I had to several times e-mail them and leave them messages as to where my insect was. They did not even sound concerned that I was upset for not receiving my insect!!! I even told them that I have never had a problem ordering from your web site, that I always receive my insects within DAYS of ordering and you always keep me posted on the status of my order. I told them I would NEVER order anything from them ever again. I felt like they were trying to keep my money and not send me anything. Today I am supposed to finally get my order, I pray that it is in one piece!!!
So, keep up the good service to your customers!!!

I purchased from you for the first time and bought the damselfly/dragon fly mount! I received it today and was ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC! The mount is beautiful really excellent I'm very happy with your service and the product!! I have a few more on the way I think! and I cant wait to get them! Thank you so much for the excellent product and postage really fantastic I'm so happy

I recieved both pieces of amber, in Seattle and Japan. Thank you for handling my order so well, I am very pleased with both specimens. I look forward to ordering from you in the future.

The amber arrived last week. Thank you very much for the recommendations and the quality of the amber sent. This has unquestionably been one of the most pleasant online dealings I have ever had.

I just wanted to say thank you for having a fine product and delivery as promised, I will defiantly tell anyone I know to shop here for amber.

Well - I received this exquisite bracelet today ! That was really fast . So- I went nuts and ordered another one. But now, I must stop - am replacing an old, rotten storage piece on the back of the house-and adding a verandah- other one also rotten - and even though I do a lot myself- it costs a FORTUNE ! I was so lucky to have found your site- it is so interesting ! I saw a story on a man who walks the beaches beside the Baltic sea and picks up amber- I think there is a TV special on him- this week ? -Forget the channel- I may not get it- Anyway - many thanks for the usual incredibly good service. It is amazing to receive something so "old" - and from the US- so fast- being up here in the boonies ! The farmer next door is spreading manure- third day now- I think I will have to go to an air conditioned store- the fumes are beginning to wipe me out ! Even my cats' eyes are watering - the wind blows up off the lake - and - oh lord- it is strong !
Many thanks- for the no.19, and now I have ordered the 20- the colours are amazing.
Like Star Wars- Live long and prosper !
Appreciatively, Elizabeth

I just bought a small piece of amber @ a shop in Florence, Or. It brought me to your awesome web site. I feel as if I have just taken AMBER 101. Excellent information Beautiful site, well prepared and clickable close ups made this one of my favorites. There are NO dead end links! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to place an order so I can return to parusing the Soooo reasonably priced gorgoeus pieces that your site offers!!
Dusty in Oregon

The pendant arrived on Wednesday 21st June in the morning, so that was a great service from you, to arrive on my birthday, and you were right, I was delighted with it, what a beautiful piece it is ! Thanks for all your help. All thebest for the future, I hope buisness is good!

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your quick ship and also want you to know the light is far superior to others I have used. I'm using it to ID early american pattern glass. Thanks again

I've just received my order and I wanted to say thanks for the extra piece at no charge! The wasp in it is great. I also love the amber pendant with gnat- I'm going to wear it to work at MIT tomorrow. I'll mention your site to anyone who expresses an interest.
I'm sure I'll be ordering something again soon. Thanks again,

Hi Doug. I just wanted you to know that the amber pendant arrived yesterday. It is beautiful and my wife is very happy with it. Also, I really appreciate that you acted to resolve the shipping problem even though it was not your fault. I'm already recommending your site to others.

I want to say thank you – I ordered a pendant from your site last week for my daughter’s high school graduation present and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was EXACTLY what your site indicated it would be. It’s beautiful! Thanks again!

Now that's what I call fast shipping ! You mailed my specimens from Colorado Saturday afternoon and they arrive at my home in rural New york at 1:30 Monday. Amazing. Oh yeah.....the specimens are awesome, just the thing to brighten a cold rainy Monday afternoon. As always, thanks.

I received the Zeiss loupes today -- they are the best!
Thank you very much for your quick professional service.
Take care.

I bought a UV light from you a while back and I just wanted to let you know how fantastically pleased I am with it - I recommend it to anyone I meet who is interested in collecting or dealing in amber necklaces. It is a most wonderful tool and is really helping me to put together a very beautiful and interesting collection of amber necklaces. I found my first real cherry amber necklace the other day.

Thanks for the heads-up on the show. By the way, I just wanted to say "thank you" for having the best website on amber. My first piece of amber was from you and bought as a package with Andrew Ross' book and the Belomo loupe, that was 6 months ago and I'm now hopelessly hooked on amber. At times I feel guilty at buying so many of your "specials", but I can't resist.

I just recieved my order, the necklace is beautiful! It's raining here, so I looked at the necklace under a flourescent light and it's as blue as can be! It has the color change equal to an Alexandrite. This is a real treasure. Thank you. I'll be back to do business again.

Many thanks, the items arrived today, less than a week ! Very pleased and you shall hear from me again. Roger

Just wanted you to know that I received my baltic
pendant in the mail today and was so pleased with it
that I signed up for the Amber of the Month club! I
can't believe I got something that size and quality
sold for that cheaply! I'll definitely be back for
You definitely have the best, most informative amber
website on the internet.


Received my two (Belomo) loupes today, talk about sweet!
Unbelievable quality for the price.
For 35 years I've carried a B&L 10x Triplet, and these (Belomo loupes) have twice the field with fantastic clarity to the edges. One of the best buys I've had in years.

I really appreciate you letting me know about my pendant -- I'm excited to receive it! I want to take a moment to tell you what a nice experience it has been to deal with Amberica West. You guys have really interesting, unusual items, for great prices (including your shipping charge), and each piece I've ordered has arrived really promptly. Plus, your site is absorbing and informative.


Just letting you know our order was received yesterday and are pleased with the items we ordered. Your Dominican amber specials were better than I imagined they would be. Great deal for the price! Too bad you only post 2 a week! The loupe and blacklight will come in handy when my 9 year old fossil collecting son hits the fossil and mineral shows this spring. He was very excited to use his new loupe to examine his amber pieces when he got home from school. I think he is hooked on amber! We will be back for more. Great website by the way....its in my favorites file for sure.
Perry & Tyler

Thank you so much for the superfast delivery. I got the blacklight in about a week, much quicker than I had expected. At first, I wasn't sure it worked and grumbled a bit, but it turned out that I had polarised the batteries incorrectly. It works beautifully now! I feel a little guilty, because the shipping charges were about double what you charged me for them. I'm afraid you didn't make any money on this deal. And I am not even a fellow amber collector, I got the blacklight to look for stains from my temperamental pet cats, who have a habit of spraying when stressed. Yours was the cheapest offer, and believe me I searched plenty of European sites. I will certainly recommend your service to all my pet-loving friends with similar problems. Just make sure you charge them enough for the postage. best wishes,

I want you to know that I just spent a very pleasant four days examining all your beautiful photographs in my spare time. I appreciate the amazing command you possess of your field. It's like visiting the Smithsonian Institute of Amber without the crowds! I will be back! Thank you so much -and rest assured

Thank you - kind actions such as this (and your following email) are the kind that keep people coming back, and make spreading the word a pleasure.

You are right I am really pleased at this piece you had sent. I think my grandmother will love it. I was nervous ordering this before actually seeing it, but I am more than happy. Thank You Again.

I guess patience is a virtue. I received all 4 pieces I ordered in the mail today. They are beautiful. The earrings are gorgeous. I am extremely pleased with my purchase! You will probably see more orders from me in the future. You prices are very reasonable, and the quality of your product is perfect. Thank you so much for your time and help. I am 100% pleased with my order.

Thank you Doug. Great site. Great prices. Great customer service. As Arnold says " I'll be back".

What can I say! I've order a mounted bug on the 7th of July and I got a mail the same day confirming that the bug had been shipped. When I got back from a little trip on the 18th of July there was a package in my mail. I opened the package ( do I have to say it was carefully wrapped?) and inside was this beautifull bug in PERFECT condition. The bug and frame was exactly like the one on the picture, only nicer. Im so pleased with this "deal" so I'm going to place another order real soon.
Martin, Sweden

All my life, since childhood, I have loved- rocks- that which comes from the earth. To be able to live in the "boonies" of Quebec, and receive in the mail, -rocks !- as well as foraging in these gentle mountains where I live-is fabulous. I appreciate your service and your marketing- Yesterday, I picked up my package from the post office. I even like your logo- and the magnet you included. Thank you !

Delighted with Amber specimens and speed of service-thankyou.
Lesley, UK

Thank you so much for the beautiful amber that you sent to us..... It was like Christmas for both of us when we received your parcel.

I received my order in the mail today and was very pleased with all the items I purchased. They were beautiful!

Just letting you know I got 'The Bug' and it arrived perfect. WHAT an
amazing creature. I wish I was rich and could buy a lot more or
your things....they're amazing.

Thank you for the fast service. My son has recently taken and interest in collecting these mounted specimens. Your fast response and displays will make him very happy with these additions to his collection. We will be back to purchase more.

Just a note to say thank you for your "AmberCam." Our son is a cadet at USAFA. We loved the T-Cam when they had it to watch goings-on on campus. After September 11, 2001, we lost our T-Cam. I was so pleased to learn of your AmberCam. Even though we can no longer see the terrazzo, it is wonderful to tune in to your Amber Cam and be able to see the current weather in Colorado Springs. Just to see USAFA all nice and safe in the background is very comforting to me as a mother. Thanks again for sharing your AmberCam with all of us.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy taking a peak at the Amber Cam whenever I can. It's a really great treat and I want to thank you for providing it.

I just received the replacement. Thank so much. You amaze me with your customer service.

I just received my order and, needless to say, am absolutely thrilled with it.

I just wanted to send you a message to congratulate you on an excellent site!

Just received my amber-encased beetle today and I must say it is beautiful and far better than I expected. The amber is a nice color and beautifully polished. The insect is clearly visible and fascinating. Congratulation on your prompt attention to you order. It's always nice doing business with a first-rate company!

Just a quick note to let you know that I received the gorgeous Blue Amber.
It is larger than I thought and it has a lot of Blue in it. I am so glad I
found your website. I have one other piece of Blue Amber that I had made
into a pendant. I am glad I got this one though. You have made me very happy.

My piece of amber came in the mail yesterday! I Just love it. I took all of my pieces to school today and looked under a microscope like you said I should. It was amazing. I couldn't stop looking at them! I kept on discovering new things in each of my pieces, it was so cool. I will definitely do it again sometime.

Your Amber gift inspired a loved one to give me the book ''Life in Amber" by George O. Poinar, jr....thank you. You have unknowingly made my Christmas.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my amber jewelry order
and that the items are just gorgeous! I am very pleased with them !

Such BEAUTIFUL Amber. Believe me your prices are very reasonable & if my ship ever comes in I'll buy you out. It will have to be a Very Large Ship. Mean time I will content myself by drooling all over my key board, and keep checking back for those smaller pieces. Thank you for the information, and a chance to see some of the most beautiful amber I have ever seen.


Many thanks for my amber which arrived safely today. I am really pleased with both pieces especially specimen # 5 spider. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of amber I have ever seen and will take pride of place in my collection.....I hope to purchase from you again in the very near future.

I just got my amber and it's a really nice specimen. To tell the truth, I was a little bit surprised that it's so nice because it was really inexpensive. I ordered it for my husband's birthday and I know that he'll love it. Thanks a lot,

Doug! These are great! I just recieved the pieces and I wanted to drop you a line. What a value for the quality! I am ashamed to admit that i have spent way more on some pretty crummy specimens. Thank you very much, I will be purchasing from you again!
Andrew in Florida