What a program!

earn money and do nothing but provide a link.


the the Amberica West Affiliates Program: Link your website to ours and watch us both GROW!


We have set up what is called "Program Affiliates". Bottom line is, you sign up and provide the link to this web site and any purchases that are made - you get 15% of the total (not including shipping.) The money you earn will be sent out on a one or two month basis depending upon the number of referrals that come from your site. You do not have to sell anything, nor work for us nor go out of your way - except to provide a link tothis site!


A reminder though, to receive your 15%, the customers must go from your web site to https://www.ambericawest.com. What happens is that a cookie is placed on the consumer's computer that tells us that it was your web site that they came from. When they use the check out form, that cookie is registered and you are paid 10% of what they purchase.


AFFILIATE AGREEMENTS (sometimes referred to as Associate Agreements) are the most powerful - and most effective - means of achieving success in e-commerce, today. And rightfully so, because they rely on the purest form of promotion: personal referral and word-of-mouth.



  • Opportunity for income or revenues with no inventory and no investment.

  • Guaranteed 15% commission/royalty with automatic sales tracking.

  • A chance to joint venture with an exciting, highly-visible company
    that stays on the cutting edge of unique, amber-based products.



Q: What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is what would typically be known in the retail industry as a "representative," or "rep." In this case, an "E-rep" is probably a more accurate description. Best part is that you don't have to drag a briefcase of samples with you!


Q: How does an Ambericawest.com Affiliate Agreement work?

As an Affiliate, you will have an assigned Account Number which will be encoded so that AmbericaWest.com can track any purchase made on AmbericaWest.com as a result of a linkage from your website. You or your organization will receive monthly commissions based on sales generated.


Q: What do I need to have in order to be an Affiliate?

A website, simple or complex, one simple page or a big deal. You'll place a title or a text link on your site, linking to the the Amberica West Product Line. When visitors click on it and complete a purchase, your account will be credited automatically.


Q: How are commissions paid?

to Affiliates. If the commission amounts to less than $25, payment will carry over until following month.


Q: How can I stay current on my Affiliate Account Status?

You will be able to access your own special on-line Report Page for status updates.


Q: As an Affiliate, what's in it for ME?

15% of every sale generated by your site, paid monthly If you've checked other affiliate programs, you will know this percentage is VERY generous.


Q. Does this mean that I can enjoy a 15% discount on my own personal purchases?

Yes, another great advantage of joining the Amberica West Program


Q. What about spam?

Prospective Affiliates should be aware that Amberica West does not tolerate bulk email to recipients that have not opted-in or requested communication. Spamming by an Affiliate will be grounds for immediate termination


>Q. What about taxes?

You are required to keep track of all of your sales for income tax purposes. We will not provide any type of income documentation to you for tax purposes. You are independently employed, not an employee of Ambericawest.com.


Q. How do I stay on as an Affiliate?

In order to remain active as an affiliate, you must keep our affiliate banner on your website --that's it! Just remember, you are only going to get paid on sales you bring to the website.... so, the program is only going to be as good as you make it for yourself.


Q: What else do I need to do as an Affiliate?

Generating sales is all about generating interest. Your challenge will be to promote your site, and the AmbericaWest.com link both on and off-line. One simple way is to display a testimonial and brief description next to the AmbericaWest.com link on your site. There are many other ways, limited only by your own creativity and ingenuity.


Q: How do I sign up?

Go to our sign up site and fill in the blanks.




Q: Well, I just signed up, now what? <

There is an approval process that takes about 1 day. After that, go to http://ww6.aitsafe.com/mtracker/ and login, useing the login and password supplied to you earlier through email.. Here is where you can change personal information and actually check out if there have been any referrals from your own web site. Book mark this page so you can check on it periodically. If you have any problems, email us at affiliates@AmbericaWest.com


Bottom Line:

If all this is confusing, here are the simplified instructions set up 1 to 7


For link suggestions om your web pages go to the link page.

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